Top 5 Things to Know Before Visiting Lake Chelan [Spring 2023 Edition]

by | Apr 27, 2023 | Things to Do

View of Lake Chelan during sunset hours in spring 2023

Are you looking for the perfect weekend getaway and wondering where to go? Look no further — Lake Chelan has it all! From crystal clear lakes and lush greenery to outdoor activities and local attractions, this magnificent location has something exciting for everyone. 

But before you pack your bags and make your way to Washington’s paradise, book your stay at Mountain View Lodge & Resort and keep in mind this helpful list of the top five things to know before visiting Lake Chelan!

Great Spots to Hike

Person hiking in Lake Chelan during spring 2023

Lake Chelan is known for its beautiful landscape and trails. You’ll want to lace up your hiking boots immediately and go on an adventure!

Echo Ridge Trail System

During the winter, Echo Ridge is well known as a fun and easily accessible spot for skiing, snowboarding, tubing, and even cross-country skiing. However, the entire trail system opens up during the spring and summer, revealing more paths to explore on foot.

The Echo Ridge Trail System is located just 28 minutes north of your spring vacation spot at The Lodge and is along a beautiful route through the Manson Hills. Once you arrive at the trailhead, there is a wide range of trails to choose from that fit a variety of abilities.  

Refer to our blogs for further information on trail locations, difficulty, and amenities. For top recommended spots, check out 5 Spots to Hike in the Lake Chelan Valley and Dog-Friendly Places and Activities in Lake Chelan in case you plan on having some company during your hike!

Some key things to keep in mind before any hike:

  • Bring water
  • Depending on how intense the hike is, bring a snack along to stay nourished.
  • Bring/wear sunscreen
  • Sunglasses make a convenient difference
  • Bring bug spray

Must Try Restaurants

Great spots to enjoy delicious dinners in Lake Chelan during spring 2023

There’s nothing like a delicious dinner and a beautiful view to round out your vacation. However, the challenge is knowing where the best spots are.

Not anymore!

Lake Chelan is filled with many spots perfect for ending your days exploring the area. We want you to be able to experience them all! Take a look at a few of these insightful blogs and add some great dining experiences to your vacation!

Our Top Romantic Restaurant Picks in Lake Chelan

A list of beautiful spots to enjoy a romantic dinner, complete with an elegant atmosphere, stunning views, delicious foods, and great-tasting wines.

Our Favorite Restaurants In Manson

Save time endlessly searching online before your next trip – these are some of our favorite spots to enjoy a meal. PLUS, most of these recommendations are within walking distance of The Lodge!

Great Vegetarian Food in Lake Chelan

It can sometimes be a challenge to find restaurants with vegetarian options while you’re on vacation. That’s why we have compiled this list of our favorite vegetarian food in Lake Chelan.

Boats, Jet Skis, and Water Activities

Person having fun on a boat in Lake Chelan during spring 2023

Chances are pretty good that spending time on the lake is at the top of your vacation list. 

But did you consider all the great water activities Lake Chelan offers besides relaxing in the sun along the shoreline?

Here are some of the top ways to spend your time on the lake:


The sun’s shining, and the waters are calling. After checking in at Mountain View Lodge, head to Manson Bay Marina and launch your boat for an adventure.

There are plenty of boat rentals along the lake, making it easy to jump aboard and enjoy the water for a day. Here are a few options to choose from:

Jet Skiing

Hopping on a jet ski and whizzing through the blue water is a great way to go at your own pace and take in all the areas of the lake. Plus, it’s super easy to rev up to different parts of the lake and enjoy the surrounding beaches.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your back as you sail the sky above Lake Chelan? Strap into a parasail and let the boat and gravity do the rest!


Head out on the boat with a tackle box and fishing pole! You can count on some six to 20-pound Chinook Salmon, Lake Trout, Rainbow Trout, Smallmouth Bass, and Burbot waiting to be caught and cooked up for tonight’s dinner. If you’re looking for other spots to cast out, check out our feature on Great Places to Fish in Lake Chelan.


This watersport is a great way to slow things down while floating along the beautiful blue waters of Lake Chelan. Shove off on a paddleboard, relax on the water, and return energized.

Picture Perfect Time to Bring Your Camera

Person taking picturesque photos in Lake Chelan during spring 2023

One of the best spots to capture stunning pictures is along the Lake Chelan shoreline, and The Lodge is so close to the lake that you can practically skip a rock from your room.

After checking in, take a five-minute walk to the crystal blue waters. Here you’ll experience a breathtaking site of beautiful landscapes, stunning mountain ranges, and a picture-perfect display of colors in the sky at sunrise and sunset alike.

For more picturesque spots for your next photo op, check out these  5 Spots to Get Great Pictures in Lake Chelan.

Local Gyms

Hey, all you gym enthusiasts! While going on vacation may be the relaxing time you’ve been longing for, sometimes staying up to date with your workout sessions can linger in the back of your mind during your trip!

Fortunately, there are plenty of fantastic spots where you can start your days or end your evenings with physical activity. Take a look at these recommended spots near your stay at The Lodge:

Alchemy Yoga & Massage

If you’re in search of a great yoga studio or even a relaxing massage to get after your session, then take a short two minute walk down the road from The Lodge to Alchemy Yoga & Massage and get your zen on. 

Drop-ins are welcome for yoga classes, however, it is better to take a look at their schedule and register for a class beforehand!

Yoga & Wine Classes

How does taking a mindful yoga class followed by a delicious glass of wine sound? If that’s right up your alley, then try a  Yoga Uncorked class during your visit, featured across a number of wineries. 

Be sure to look at their schedule and register for your class beforehand!

Valley Fitness Chelan 24/7

Take a short and scenic 13 minute drive from The Lodge to the town Valley Fitness Gym in Chelan. This gym comes complete with treadmills, squat racks, dumbbells, and much more to ensure you’ll still be able to complete your favorite program!

The Barn Fitness Center

This is another fantastic spot to visit if you’re trying to include physical fitness into your trip. Located just 10 minutes from The Lodge, this gym has everything you need, from squat racks to a wide area to get your cardio/cross fit in and a full schedule of classes.

True Fitness Gym ~ Chelan

Head 14 minutes towards Chelan and get yourself a visitor’s pass to True Fitness Gym, where you’ll find an array of workout equipment to fulfill your physical fitness needs.

Plan Your Trip to The Lodge

Mountain View Lodge card at front desk

Hopefully, we’ve helped you with your itinerary while planning your spring vacation to Lake Chelan.

All that’s left to do is reserve your stay at Mountain View Lodge & Resort! We have everything you need to make your vacation a relaxing experience. With amenities such as our BBQ station under the pavilion and proximity to the lake, you’ll quickly call this your new home away from home!

PLUS — our pool area is now open, complete with a relaxing jacuzzi to enjoy!

We’ll see you soon!