5 Spots to Hike in the Lake Chelan Valley

by | Jun 8, 2022 | Things to Do

Close up of yellow flowers on a hiking trail in Lake Chelan

When it comes to finding the perfect hiking spots this summer in Lake Chelan, it can get a bit overwhelming. You have to know what to prepare for the trip and level of difficulty you’re in for!

To help you find hiking trails in or near the Lake Chelan Valley, we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 spots to explore.

So be sure to grab a room at The Lodge to relax after a long day on the trails, strap on your hiking boots, and let’s get to it!

1. Chelan Butte Trail

Chelan Butte Trail overlooking Lake Chelan on a beautiful sunny day

First up on our list for all you explorers is the Chelan Butte Trail. First and foremost, this trail is a bit more on the challenging side of the ability level as it is 7.4 miles long, round trip, and is at an elevation of 2,601 ft. But don’t let that stop you!

The beauty of this trail speaks for itself once you’re on it, as you will marvel at its amazing views of the Chelan mountain ranges and lake. 

This trail is only 17 minutes from The Lodge and typically takes roughly five hours to complete. So pack a lunch, extra sunscreen, and plenty of water before tackling this beauty. Expect to see an assortment of different species of birds if you enjoy bird watching. It’s also very common to see hang gliders, paragliders, and other extreme sports once you reach the top!

Dogs are also welcome on this trail but must be kept on a leash!

2. Beebe Springs Natural Area

Beebe Springs Natural Area hiking trail overlooking a lake and mountains

If you’re looking for a mellow hike where you can walk at a comfortable pace and enjoy your surroundings, we recommend Beebe Springs Natural Area Loop

Around 19 minutes from the Lodge, this trail is located right outside Chelan on the Columbia River and is about 2 miles long to complete the loop. This park is a total of 207 acres, with interpretive trails, a viewing blind, amazing sculptures, and even a fishing pond for the kids. One of the best features of this trail is the variety of flowers you’ll see along your hike. 

Once you arrive on the east side of the trail, you’ll have a fantastic view of the Columbia River for a good portion of your journey. Then, moving along to the south side of the trail, you’ll arrive at the charming little fishing pond that you and your fellow hiking companions can enjoy. 

3. Fourth of July Mountain Trail

Fourth of July Mountain Trail overlooking a lake and mountains in Lake Chelan

Nestled in the beautiful area of Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, literally just above Manson, is the Fourth of July Mountain Trail. This hike will leave you speechless with all its great views of Lake Chelan and the surrounding valley. 

If you travel 18 minutes north of The Lodge, you’ll be able to explore this 2.8-mile trail and all its glory. This is considered a moderately challenging trail; however, it can get steep during the hike. 

But that’s part of the fun!

You’ll be passing Antilon Lake on the way.  If you’ve got a fishing pole you might want to drop it in while you’re up there!  This trail is known to provide little shade, so be sure to bring extra water, sunscreen, and sunglasses.

4. The Shoe

The shoe hiking trail in Lake Chelan during a sunny day

If you’re looking for a beautiful drive on the way to an amazing hiking trail, The Shoe is your perfect destination.

Travel 25 minutes north of The Lodge, and you will arrive at Echo Ridge, where many trails are available to hike during the summer months. Among those trails is the 2.3-mile-long trail, The Shoe. 

Echo Ridge offers plenty of parking, bathrooms, and amazing views of the Lake Chelan valley. 

This hike is considered moderately challenging, so there should be no problem bringing the kiddos on a fun adventure in the mountains. 

5. Steliko Lookout

Steliko Lookout hiking trail overlooking the mountains in Lake Chelan

Our final recommendation is just outside of Lake Chelan, maybe even on your way to or from Lake Chelan. Nonetheless, with a name like Steliko Lookout, it’s fair to say that you’re in for a hiking trail with beautiful views of the mountains along the Cascade Loop!

Heading South along SR97A you’ll drive up the Entiat River Rd. just past Ardenvoir along the river. About an hour total from The Lodge and you will arrive at this 3.8-mile-long trail that travels along the Entiat mountain ridge. 

This trail is considered moderately challenging, so keep that in mind when bringing young ones. It’s also dog friendly, so there is no need to leave Fido at home! 

Hike and Lodge

Pavilion at mountain view lodge and resort during a sunny day

Hopefully, these recommendations will serve you well when searching for that perfect trail to go hiking on during your next trip to Lake Chelan! Of course, you can’t go wrong with hiking spots around the Chelan Valley or along the Cascade Loop, as they all have something unique to offer.

After an amazing day of hiking, check into a room with us at Mountain View Lodge and Resort. We love hosting new and returning travelers searching for their next big mountain adventure! Take a peek at some of the great deals and packages available for you and the family.

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