Dog-Friendly Places and Activities in Lake Chelan

by | Mar 10, 2022 | Things to Do, Travel

Woman sitting with her dog in front of a sun set

There’s no cuter copilot than a canine! Dogs truly know how to make any situation a memorable moment. They jump for joy to go on a road trip and love walking around the neighborhood! With a dog, paw-ssibilities are endless!

We’ve compiled a list of amazing dog-friendly places that you and your best friend can experience together during your next trip to Lake Chelan. From lakes and hiking trails to casual walks around the town and pet stores, Lake Chelan is ready to awe everyone who comes to visit. And this includes pets!

Here are some of our favorite pet-friendly things to do around Lake Chelan.

Echo Ridge Summer Trails 

Dog walking on an Echo Ridge trail with a stick in its mouth

Echo Ridge is one of our favorite spots to visit all year round. There are so many different pet-friendly trails waiting for you and your dog to explore. Your dog(s) will thank you for bringing them to this doggie paradise as they run through the trails and experience all of the fun things this location offers.

Located just 20 min North of the Lodge along the Cascade Loop, the Echo Ridge Trail System contains over 26 miles of trails that expand through open ridge tops and beautiful forests. Expect to see great views of Lake Chelan, the Cascades, Okanogan Highlands, and the Columbia Plateau. The trails have varying difficulty levels, but most of them can be walked by pets and kids.

The Tootsy Roll, Whoop-Di-Do, Lolly Pop, Zoom, Outback trails allow you to travel with dogs. In addition, all designated snowshoe trails are also open to dogs, so you and your dogs will never be bored of this spot!

Day passes are available at the trailhead at $15 per person, while people 17 years old or younger are free! The trailhead also has bathrooms and plenty of parking available.

Crater Lake Trail

Dog enjoying the water with mountains in the background at Crater Lake Trail

Are you feeling up for a little road trip with your dog(s) to another great location that is a “must visit” and explore?

Another excellent hiking trail along the Cascade Loop is the Crater Lake Trail. Travel just a short 35 min drive North of the Lodge, and you will be able to experience this fantastic location with your pet.

Crater Lake Trail is 8.6 miles long roundtrip and is considered a more easy trail to hike. This beautiful spot is home to a beautiful lake for your dog to swim in, long trails surrounded by nature to run or walk on, and a halo of mountain ranges surrounding the lake, making for the perfect photo opportunities.

Although dogs are welcomed on this trail, they must be kept on a leash!

Strolls Around Lake Chelan

Kim taking a walk with her daughter and dog next to Lake Chelan

Don Morse Park and Manson Bay are two of the best stroll spots along Lake Chelan and are both pet-friendly. While Don Morse park is located in Chelan, Manson Bay is conveniently located within walking distance of the Lodge in Downtown Manson. 

Take a casual walk to the “Dog Park” on Manson Bay. Also known as the “Old Swimming Hole” and located right next to Manson Bay Park. it’s an excellent place for you and your dog(s) to catch the sunset or sunrise or watch as they frolic along the shoreline.

The perfect thing about Manson Bay is that it’s so close to the Lodge, one could say it’s our backyard. How about that? A lake in the backyard for you and your dog to enjoy!

Once you arrive at Manson Bay Park, there’s a fenced area located right on the shoreline where you can bring your dog(s) along to play in the water and enjoy the beautiful sunshine-covered mountains while you ponder all the amazing things you’ll do during your trip. 

Don Morse Park is another excellent spot to enjoy with your dog(s). This beautiful, grassy haven is the perfect spot for your pets to run around freely. In addition, the large lawn area makes for the ideal location to play catch, set up a picnic, or enjoy the scenery.

Be sure to take advantage of this location before Memorial Day Weekend. Because of heavy tourism, Don Morse Park restricts pets from the park during that time through Labor Day. 

Pet-Friendly Wineries

Woman holding a dog at a pet friendly restaurant while she eats

Looking for a great place to enjoy wine but don’t want to leave your dogs back at the Lodge

One of our favorite dog-friendly locations is BBQ in the Vineyard at Lake Chelan Winery. This spot has it all. There is a wonderful wine tasting room, great food, fantastic views of the Lake Chelan mountains, and a gorgeous picnic area in the vineyard for you and your dog to enjoy.

In the mood for a great lunch or dinner spot, we have just the spot you and your dog will love. Head over to Wapato Point Cellars & The Winemaker’s Grill.

You will find a fantastic staff that can’t wait to share the love with your dog, wonderful food, a tasting room containing your favorite type of wine, and a fire pit area where you can cozy up to your dog and enjoy the scenic surroundings.

You’ll be having such a fun time that your dog will be Hounding you for more!

Wapato Point Cellars wine pouring into a glass with a grassy field in the background

Here’s a list of all the pet-friendly wineries in the Lake Chelan Wine Valley:

Pet-Friendly Lodging

Dog sitting on a bed at Mountain View Lodge and Resort

With all of the amazing things for your pets to do, it will feel like a vacation for them just as much as you. 

Mountain View Lodge & Resort has plenty of pet-friendly rooms that are both comfortable and spacious for you to choose from. All pet-friendly rooms come equipped with a soft comfy blanket waiting for your four-legged friend to lounge on.

Upon check-in, each pet receives a welcome bag that includes:

  • Yummy treats 
  • Tennis ball 
  • Towel 
  • Doggy waste bags 

All March long, the Lodge will also be showcasing a dog booth special for all of our travelers to take super cute photos to share with the rest of the family and friends or on social media!

So take advantage of all the fun happenings this month of March with your favorite co-pilot. If you’d like to find out about other pet-friendly things to do during your stay, give us a call at (509) 687-9505. Be sure to ask about our specials and snag a room at The Lodge to set up the perfect vacation getaway that will ultimately reward you with a round of A-Paws!