Check In Procedure

Check In Time: 5:00 PM

Check in begins at Mountain View Lodge & Resort, which is right next to Wapato Ridge. The front desk will provide you with two keys to your condo and one garage door opener. They will go over your contract and file one last time, take the $500.00 safety deposit, and answer any questions you may have. Wapato Ridge is a gated community and you will be unable to enter the area until you visit us at the front desk.

Check Out Procedures

Renter agrees to follow minimal check-out procedures which include garbage and debris (inside and outside the home) removal to outside dumpster near the Sport Court and leaving the kitchen clean with all dishes put away. It is not necessary to strip the beds or remove linens. To ensure the safety of the owners and future guests, all keys and garage door openers must be returned. Any items of note should be reported to the MVL office immediately, but no later than check-out.

If not followed, garbage removal and kitchen cleaning will be charged at $25.00 EACH. Excessive carpet cleaning will be charged a minimum of $50; professional carpet cleaning may result in a fee up to $300. Failure to return keys or garage door opener will result in a charge of $250.00 to re-key the home. Excessive property cleaning or damage will result in a minimum 1 hour labor charge at current labor rate; replacement costs of any item will be paid by Guest. Any applicable charges will be deducted from your damage deposit, and your signature on your contract agrees to full payment for any charges over deposit amount.