Nuisances, Personal Decorum, & Respect for the Law

AKA Noise, Trespassing, Parking, & Vandalism

Because WR is primarily family oriented, and because it is the right of owners and guests to expect to use the property in quiet enjoyment, it is asked that everyone respect a general “quiet attitude”, showing respect for the rights of others and exercising reasonable and controlled behavior when using the Common Area Facilities.  All gatherings in units should be (quiet) by 10:00pm.    Large receptions and “parties” are discouraged and guests not adhering to these rules may be evicted.  If evicted, any cancellation fees or remaining rent money will be forfeited by Guest.

“Common areas” that are closed and locked may not be entered under any condition.  Guests are expected to follow all posted rules of the Wapato Ridge property and may be fined or prosecuted if found breaking posted rules. Jumping over the fence of the pool area is considered TRESPASSING and can result in fines, jail or probation. In addition to endangering the rider, riding the entry gate will be considered vandalism and the rider may be subject to prosecution.  Bringing any glass or other breakable items into the pool area endangers all swimmers, sunbathers and the pool/machinery itself and will be subject to fines. The “street” is actually a legal Fire Lane and its space must be preserved for safety.  Street “parking” is not permitted; unloading is allowed.  There are 3 “overflow” parking areas for guest needs.

A mandatory fine of $250 will be charged to the Guest OR issued credit card for Damage Deposit for any and all “jumpers,” “fence riders,” or those with “glass” in the pool area.  In addition, guests may be evicted and charges may be filed by the Wapato Ridge Homeowners Association.  If evicted, any deposits or payments of rent will be forfeited by Guest.

The home owners and their Association, guests of Wapato Ridge Resort, and the staff & Management of Mountain View Lodge & Resort sincerely thank you in advance for your respect and consideration.

Holidays may require a minimum age requirement.


No Fence Hopping
$250 + tax fee for Jumpers