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Impact Fees
Force Majeure


Prices shown do not include tax. Your deposit and final bill will include these taxes (10.3%).

Guest Responsibility

Guests are fully responsible for all charges and fees incurred by those people occupying the rented room(s) that they have registered and signed for. Any excessive damage or cleaning needs will be documented and charged at $42 per hour & item cost. Your respect of our “home” is greatly appreciated.

Other costs, such as pet fees, can be found in the appropriate section of this webpage (Room Rental Policies).

Damage and Cleaning Fees

Colored cloths & kitchen towels are provided for your convenience. The cost of linens and robes with makeup and/or soil stains, as well as missing items, will be added to your room charges. Your respect of our “home” is greatly appreciated. Additionally, items damaged by the guest, such as microwaves or televisions, will be added to the guest bill at departure.

Charges may include:

  • Towels – $2, $5, $10
  • Pillow Cases – $5
  • Bathmats – $5
  • Robes – $35

Check-In & Check-Out

Check In:   3:00 PM  |  Check Out:   11:00 AM

Arriving after we close? Call us ahead of time and we’ll be happy to set up a special arrangement.

Normal Hours

Sun – Thru : 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Fri & Sat : 8:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Summer Hours

Sun – Thru : 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Fri & Sat : 7:00 AM – 12:00 AM

Other Hours

Winter Holidays may have different hours.
Outdoor areas close at 10pm daily.


Rent & Deposits

Rooms based on availability |  All rates are plus tax

Room Rent

Credit card guarantee upon arrival. Final payment is due upon check-out. Group rates may be available and group policies must be adhered to. All rates are plus tax. Cancellation policies apply to all reservations.

Peak Holidays: Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Winterfest are all 4 or 3 night minimum stay required at Summer weekend rates. Memorial Day weekend must have one person staying in the room above the age of 25.

Minimum length of stay may be required for all summer and shoulder nights.

No discounts given during the Summer season unless otherwise stated in a promotional fine print.

Advanced Deposits

Summer/Shoulder Seasons: At time of booking, 1 night stay plus tax (per room) is required for all guaranteed reservations.

All online reservations require a first night deposit. Reservations made direct by phone may not require an advanced deposit during the off season only, but will still require a credit card on file. Call for details.

Group reservations may have their own Advanced Deposit policies.

Declined card: We will attempt to contact  guests with a declined credit card, either via their third party booking agent, phone, or email. Inability to reach guest, or replace the credit card, will terminate the reservation.

Promotions may change advance deposit policies, guests are responsible for reading the fine print and understanding their discounts, promotions, etc.



Summer/Holidays/Shoulder Seasons:

More than 7 days prior to arrival – $10 + tax cancellation fee; balance refunded via original payment process. Within 7 days prior to arrival – guest will forfeit AD equal to 100% of one nights rent (per room).

Winter Season:

More than 48 hours prior to arrival – $10 + tax cancellation fee; balance refunded via original payment process. Within 48 hours prior to arrival – guest will forfeit AD equal to 100% of one nights rent (per room).


There may be specific cancellation policies for specific promotions, festivals, or events.  Guests are fully responsible for adhering to all fine print of any special deal or promotion, festival, or event.

Cancellations From Third Parties:

If a reservation was made through a third party website, they may be required by that website to cancel through them. Mountain View Lodge cannot cancel or change these reservations.


No Show

No show will be charged 100% of the amount of a 1 night stay. In the event of insufficient notice of cancellation, advance deposits will not be refunded. There are no exceptions made for this rule.



All rooms have specific occupancy limitations that are strictly enforced.

Rates calculated on occupancy:

Rates are designated by the published occupancy of individual units and fees may apply for additional guests, if allowed, in any unit whether or not they are provided a cot or roll away bed. Guests are responsible for the additional fees.

A cot may be added to some rooms for an additional cost of $10 + tax per night. They include extra linens and pillows.

Infant Cribs/Play Pens:

Mountain View Lodge does not have cribs or play pens. Guests are welcome to bring their own travel carriers for their infants.. 

Exceeding Occupation Limits:

Guests rooms that are over-occupied are subject to immediate eviction. Evicted guests receive no refund of any rent paid or due.



Owners are responsible for the actions of their pets and agree to the following policies:

Pet Policies at Mountain View Lodge

1. All pets must be disclosed to MVLR staff and have a contract signed for them. MAX: 2 pets

2. A valid credit card must be provided as security.

3. All pets must be potty trained. No “pee pads” allowed. There is a pet “potty” area with waste bags at the east end of the parking lot.

4. Guest authorizes credit card to be charged for any damage, urine, feces or any excessive cleaning that may be caused by pet(s), as well as loss of revenue if unit is left in an un-rentable condition after departure.

5. Evidence of deposits in rooms will result in a $100 fee and nightly room charges until carpet is professionally cleaned and all evidence is removed. 

6. Pets may not cause any nuisance to other guests or property.

7. Dogs must be leashed on grounds; no animals in pool area.

8. Pets may stay ONLY in rooms 21, 29, 39, 41, 43, 45, 47 and 49. Having a pet in a non-pet room will result in a $250.00 per night cleaning fee and possible eviction. Cancellation policies will apply for early departure or upon eviction.

9. Pet owner must leave cell phone number and be able to respond within 10 minutes if called by management. Pet owner will be fined $100 if not on property within 1/2 hour of 1st contact attempted. Animal Control will be called if there is no owner response within 1 hour.

10. Housekeepers will not enter rooms with unattended pets.
Owners must clean up pet deposits.

Rates for first pet

  • $20 per night for the first pet

Rates for second pet

  • + $10 per night for the second pet

No Smoking

Mountain View Lodge & Resort is a non-smoking facility.

Strictly-enforced policies:

A designated smoking area is provided for those guests who chose to smoke. Smoking is not allowed on/in any other area on Mountain View Lodge & Resort property.

Smoking in any room, room deck area, pool area or pavilion area will result in a $250 per night cleaning fee. Guests who are caught smoking outside can also be fined.

Smoking includes, but is not limited to: cigarettes, vapes, e-cigarettes, cigars, pipes, etc.

Marijuana Addendum:

Marijuana cannot be smoked on the Mountain View Lodge property. It is illegal to smoke outdoors in Washington State and smoking indoors is strictly prohibited.

Rooms smelling of marijuana will be charged $250.

Smoking marijuana outdoors may result in police interception and eviction with no refunds for cost of stay.


Impact Fees

Our property is intended for the use of paying MVL registered guests.

Property and Amenities

The entire MVL property, including the pool, hot tub, Pavilion and grounds are private property. Our property is intended for the use of paying MVL registered guests. We consider this their home away from home and they are our first priority.

Bringing unregistered guests onto the property impacts insurance, staffing and costs of supplies, materials and additional garbage service. During certain seasons or times of day, unregistered guests may not be allowed. Everyone on the property must be registered.

Registering Additional Guests

If you would like to have guests join you, please be sure to speak with a manager or reservationist to see if this is an option.

If you have acquired management permission to have additional guests on the MVL property, a reasonable fee will apply.

Unregistered or undeclared guests will be asked to leave the property.



Force Majeure

Management’s Responsibility:

The management of Mountain View Lodge and Wapato Ridge Townhome rentals will reasonably repair, replace, relocate or compensate for issues occurring within their control during a guests stay. Any force majeure event of nature is not considered within their control and will not be refunded or compensated.

Natural Disasters/Acts of God:

Eastern Washington is prone to wild fires. Cancellation policies will not be changed for Natural Disasters or “Acts of God.” If you have concerns regarding the weather or air quality, it might be prudent to wait to complete your reservation until a date closer to your expected arrival. By completing a reservation, you assume full responsibility of its cancellation policies. If you are concerned about having to cancel and losing your deposit, we strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance for a small fee! Unexpected events happen, which can cause you to cancel your trip.  If you wish to purchase travel insurance, go to TripAssure , or other online travel insurance sites for details and to purchase.