Reservations will be confirmed with the payment of your deposit, which is due within 14 days of booking, and the balance is due according to the chart below. If we book your reservations within your “balance due” period prior to your arrival, final payment must be made at the time of booking. Rent may be paid by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, check, travelers check or money order. If a credit card is used to pay your rent, you must bring the card with you so that we can make an imprint and get a verification signature at check-in. Minimum stay requirements apply during the summer season and are listed below, as well.

Deposit Due

  1.  ½ total stay, all rooms, (including tax) OR equal to 1 night stay, all rooms (including tax), whichever is less
  2. DUE 2 weeks after confirmation or PO for direct billing – except where FULL balance is due.
  3. NO DEPOSIT = Automatic cancellation

Balance Due

Off Season:

  1. 16-31 rooms —  30 days prior to arrival or PO for direct billing
  2. 10-15 rooms — 14 days prior to arrival or PO for direct billing
  3. 6-9 rooms — 7 days prior to arrival or PO for direct billing
  4. 1-5 rooms regular for season

Summer Season:


Summer Season Minimum Stay Requirements

Groups requesting a “block” (based on approval by management):
MVL reserves the right to refuse rental to any person for any reason.

“Extended Stay” rooms
– 4 night minimum required, ALL guests, NO EXCEPTIONS

Weekends ALL GROUPS (4 or more rooms)
– 3 night minimum required
“E” rooms = 4 night minimum

*Mid-Week 3
– 10 rooms 2 night minimum allowed 11 – 22 rooms 3 night minimum required – NO EXCEPTIONS
“E” rooms = 4 night minimum

"Off Season" Minimum Stay Requirements

All rooms available (based on availability at confirmation), Holidays & Festivals have specific minimum stay requirements; please check with reservationist.


Discounts MAY apply to group reservations, SUMMER SEASON, Early Summer WEEKENDS, Indian Summer WEEKENDS, and MAJOR HOLIDAYS EXCLUDED, where ONE LIAISON handles all details of the reservation(s) including, but not limited to initial booking, confirmation, communications and all payments. MVL staff will gladly help in any way possible including special preparation for arrivals and in-room amenity placement. Please speak directly with your group reservation specialist about how your group may apply.

In addition to the payment schedule required for rental confirmations, your signed rental agreement is required for confirmation of your group reservations. Specifically, your signed rental agreement must be returned within 14 days of booking your reservation. Reservations will not be considered “confirmed” without this document and may be cancelled by MVL; cancellation fees will be applied if deposit has been received – with or without signed contract. Guests will not be allowed occupancy without this document. Mail, e-mail, on-line and FAX are all acceptable forms of getting this important contract back to us in order to ensure your reservation.

Pavilion/Great Room MVL Property Use

Below are use rates that we feel are very competitive, as well as affordable. If you have any questions or special needs that are not mentioned below, please contact a group reservation specialist. All events MUST be approved by management with signed contract. NOT AVAILABLE SUMMER SEASON.

All GROUP events taking place on MVL property which include any of the following will be billed at $750 + tax per event. Wrist bands WILL be issued. Event price does not include lodging. Property use will be from 9am – 11:00pm including set-up and clean-up time.

  • Exclusive use of any MVL property
  • Decorations
  • Boundaries of any kind
  • Non- MVL Guest participation – all additional guests MUST be registered
  • Additional MVL staff service

Non-MVL Guest participation will not be allowed without event contract and payment. ALL guests MUST be registered – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Cancellation Policy

  1.  Cancellations made after the deposit has been received OR purchase order issued, but more than 60 days prior to arrival will be charged a $10/room cancellation fee.
  2. Cancellations made (based on # of rooms) – 59 days prior to arrival will be charged a cancellation fee of $10/room or 10% of total deposit amount, whichever is greater.
  3. NO REFUND: 16-31 rooms = <30 days, 10-15 rooms = <14 days, 6-9 rooms = <7 days, 1-5 rooms = regular for the season. 4. All fees are + tax. 5. All group refunds due will be returned by MVL check within 14 days of cancellation.


If final payment has not been received at least 30 days prior to arrival, MVL/WRR staff will make every attempt to contact pending guests via methods that have been previously communicated by group representative. If communication is unsuccessful within 5 days (25 days prior to arrival), it will be assumed by both parties that the rental agreement has been cancelled by guest and staff will proceed with cancellation procedures (“within 30 days prior to arrival”).

Taxes, Cleaning, & Registration Fees

Chelan County base tax of 8.2% and an additional “Special Motel/Hotel” tax of 2% totaling 10.2% per night will be added to the nightly rate of each rental. There are no registration fees payable.

Damage Deposits

For any guests occupying rentals of Wapato Ridge Resort Townhomes through MVL, a credit card authorization in the amount of $500 will be required upon check-in to cover any damage that might occur during your stay. For any guests using MVL property for a contracted “Event,“ a credit card authorization in the amount of $250 will be required upon set-up check-in to cover any damage that might occur during your event. Either of these deposits may be used for any excessive cleaning fees, damages and for any late check out complications. Renters (Guests) are responsible for any damage caused by anyone in their “party” during their stay or event. Liability is NOT limited to deposit amount and Renter understands and agrees to pay any additional cost for repairs or replacement of damages. This deposit does not apply toward rent. Deposits can be made with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover card. If you are unable to provide a Major Credit Card, you may leave a $500.00/$250.00 check, cash or money order which will be returned to you, less any deductions if applicable, within 14 days or your departure.

By signing the group reservation contract, and/or event contract, group representative agrees to assume responsibility of all MVL property used by the representative, as well as all guests of the “group” and guests of any “event” occurring unless individual registration forms are signed upon arrival.

Repair Needs and/or Events Beyond Our Control

It is the guest’s responsibility to report any malfunctioning appliance and/or broken equipment or furnishings to the MVL staff. In the event of a malfunctioning appliance (TV, AC, etc.), MVL staff will make all possible efforts to see that repairs take place in a timely manner during your stay. In addition, it is the guest’s responsibility to be aware that natural “acts of God” (smoke from forest fires, snow, etc.) occur. There will be no refunds for inoperative appliances that were reported and repaired in a timely and appropriate manner or for natural “acts of God” that do not affect the ability to use the property which may include changing the format of use.

If a property that has been entered into a rental contract becomes un-rentable prior to guests arrival for any reason, MVL staff will immediately notify pending renter and make every effort to place guests in a comparable property. In addition, if a property becomes unusable during a guests stay, due to no fault of the guest or guests party, every effort will be made to place guests in a comparable property. In the event that a suitable property is either not available or agreed upon, rental monies for unused reservations will be promptly refunded. Should changes be required, there are no guarantees of rental availability.

Overnight Occupancy

Overnight occupancy shall not exceed your signed OCCUPANCY and REGISTRATION CONTRACT.

Smoking, Pets, Parking Rules

Smoking is not allowed inside ANY MVL building, pool area, grass or parking area, or Pavilion area. Smoking is ONLY allowed in the designated smoking area provided for our guests who choose to smoke on the property. This area is covered with a nice picnic table and smoking posts for debris. Any evidence of smoking, including the smell of smoke, will be documented and the guest/group representative will be charged a minimum of $250 for excessive cleaning. This includes butts or ashes of any kind.

Pets are welcome at MVL in designated Pet Rooms ONLY, as well as the lobby, the parking and the grass areas. Pets are not allowed in the pool area or the Pavilion. Guests will be charged a minimum or $250 for having a pet inside a non-pet room and will be responsible for any damage. All rooms are labeled, inside their doors, if pets are allowed. If you or any of your guests plan to bring a pet, please check with a reservationist to ensure your compliance.

Parking is provided for registered guests of MVL. Any unregistered vehicles will be towed at owners expense. Parking is not provided for Non-MVL Guests. No overnight parking of RV units or people sleeping in their cars is allowed on MVL property. MVL staff would be happy to refer additional guests to the lovely camping and RV parks in the Lake Chelan Valley.

Breaking any of these rules is grounds for immediate eviction. If evicted, any cancellation fees or remaining rent money will be forfeited by Guest.

We thank you, in advance, for respecting our property, staff and guests.

Nuisances and Personal Decorum

Because MVL is primarily family oriented, and because it is the right of all paying guests to expect to use the property in quiet enjoyment, it is asked that everyone respect a general “quiet attitude”, showing respect for the rights of others and exercising reasonable and controlled behavior when using the Common Area Facilities. All gatherings in units should be quiet by 10:00pm for all seasons by County Code. Guests not adhering to these rules may be evicted. If evicted, any cancellation fees or remaining rent money will be forfeited by Guest.

Check In & Check Out Times

ANY TIME EXCEPTIONS MUST BE AUTHORIZED THROUGH THE FRONT DESK. Groups with one representative may check-in at the front desk of the Mountain View Lodge were a packet will be awaiting with keys information for all rooms reserved. Registration forms MUST be signed by the representative or individuals before occupancy will be allowed. Arrivals later than seasonal office time should make arrangements through the office. When checking out, please bring all keys to the registration desk. Checking out after 11:00 pm may result in an additional day’s rental charge! Because of our tight cleaning schedule, check-out times are strictly enforced.

Check-Out Procedures

We consider all MVL guests “official family members” and would love to say goodbye before you leave. This is the perfect time to return all keys and other items that were checked out to individual rooms. If departure timing does not allow for the “good bye,” we ask that all keys and other items checked out, be left in the room and our housekeepers will take care of them. There is a charge for all missing items, including WR keys/GDOs, pool towels, robes, and other items, so we ask that each guest check carefully for MVL belongings before departure.

Phone Messages

There are phones in all rooms and guests may reach each other by dialing 1 + the room number directly, 24 hours a day. Our after-hours answering machine will direct incoming calls to your room only if they already know the numbers. We will not give out a guests room number unless specifically directed by that guest. Messages can be left on your room phone or with the MVL office, (509)687-9505, where you may pick them up. Emergency phone messages will be handled promptly.

Contract signor must be at least 21 years of age or over and occupying rented room.

Hold Harmless

In the event “Renter” or Guests suffer personal, physical or property damage or any injury or loss: The “Renter” and his/her guests agree to indemnify and hold harmless Mi-B0-So, Inc. dba Mountain View Lodge corporation, personal property owners, and Mountain View Lodge Staff, from and against all claims, demands, loss and liability of any kind and character, including the cost of defense, arising out of or in any way connected with the renters use of the property.