Our MVLR Staff and Family (that’s you!) ARE Our Priority

Dear Family and Friends,

We continue to monitor and look for ways to adapt to this confusing time we are currently living in. As of March 22, 2021 our State is considered to be in Phase 3 all together.

Phase 3 brings more opportunity for us to gather, to move about and to be responsible for caring for ourselves.  We also understand that this could instill fear in those that have been physically or emotionally affected the most over the last year.   It continues to remain imperative that we all take responsibility for the utmost care of ourselves and our fellow Americans as we continue to move around outside our homes.  Respect and consideration of each individual is what we will show to each of our guests and what we expect them to show to each other.

As we’ve learned new ways to maneuver a business over the last year, we continue to adjust some of the ways we are functioning here at The Lodge and the way our amenities are used.

You can be assured that we continue to take impeccable care of the Mountain View Lodge & Resort grounds, rooms, and all areas of our property.  The level of cleanliness you have come to expect will not be compromised and we have taken additional care to ensure the safety of our housekeeping staff and those guests who follow in each room.

So that we can be assured of our own safety and that of our other guests, if you have been sick or recently exposed to those that have or may have Coronavirus, we request that you choose not to book a room at this time.  We’d also like you to know that all normal cancellation policies remain in affect and trust you to choose wisely.

For now, we want you to know that we appreciate you and truly value you in our lives.  We wish you the best of health and happiness and are looking forward to seeing you very soon.

Please continue reading below for our property procedures and feel free to contact us with any questions, thoughts, or concerns.  We love hearing from you!


Kim and Gerry Ustanik




  • You will be given access to our Whistle messaging services. A great way to communicate with us about anything you might need before your arrival… and DURING your stay.


  • We request that you continue to maintain appropriate social distancing in order to respect the personal space of those that are not in your travelling group.  At busy check-in times, waiting outside the lobby door may be appropriate.
  • Each guest will be provided a quick Check In and have access to MVLR Guest Services and local information.
  • For Summer Season, you will receive your wristbands, one for each REGISTERED guest. These are a requirement of any/all property use (OUTSIDE guests are NOT allowed to use MVLR Property Amenities).


  • In the Lobby
    • You will have access to all our gift shop and MVLR food & beverage items here.
    • You will have access to pool towels, grilling kits, games, and any other item you might need to check-out.
    • You will also have access to scheduling your use of property amenities IF it is required at the time of your stay.
  • Whistle
    • Our new messaging system has proven to be a great way to communicate your needs about anything from scheduling use of the Pool Area and Pavilion amenities (if necessary) to getting extra towels, extending your stay, asking questions about local activities, and even check-out.
  • Breakfast
    • We are happy to provide a light start to the day for our MVLR Family while they are here. Since we are officially considered as being in Phase 3, beginning May 8th  we will begin our Cold Continental + Waffles breakfast, at 50% occupancy, in the Family Room located just off the Lobby again!  It will be available from Lobby OPEN time until 10am daily.  Barring any changes in policy, Summer 2021 will be the first that this amenity has been offered/available year ’round!
    • Grab N Go breakfast bags, consisting of a pastry, fruit, juice box and bottled water, will replace our CC+W IF we receive orders to do so and will be available during the same hours.
  • Stay-over Service
    • To protect the health of both our guests and our staff, and to absorb some of the economic impact 2021 has given us during this uncertain time, entrance to your room has been limited. Stay-over service will continue to remain unavailable unless SPECIFICALLY requested by guest. In other words, this service will not be a normal course of your stay and you can rest assured that no one will enter your room without your specific request.
    • PLEASE, ask if you would like/need additional room amenities during your stay. We are here for you and waiting to serve!
    • Garbage cans are located along the walkways, in the Pavilion and pool areas, and in the yard. The main dumpster is near the entrance to the property.  If you need additional garbage bags for your room, they are available in the Lobby.
  • Use of  Property Amenities – so far, everyone has been VERY courteous and understanding…
    • Pool/Hot Tub Area, Grills, Fire Pit, Picnic Tables & Yard Games
      • Property amenities are plentiful and provided for the use of MVLR registered guests ONLY.
      • During this Phase 3 period, there is no requirement to schedule
      • But, we DO ASK that each of our guests uses a deep level of respect and consideration for all other guests and staff.  Please keep in mind that this “backyard” belongs to all paying guests.  It is our experience that, if a group is large and appears to be having a party, others will simply go away and do something else.  While the “party” group is very willing to invite other in, they are not aware that they are inadvertently making the space unavailable to others. So, just be aware of your surroundings and others… and please, enjoy the property; YOU are why we take excellent care of it!
      • IF it appears that an “area” is not being made available to other guests Management may come politely ask for you to spend some time in another area of the property.  No offense will be intended, just kind management.


  • In person
    • Please stop by the Lobby to say goodbye and return your room keys. We’d love to wish you a pleasant journey!  Please consider safe distancing and approach at your comfort level.
  • Via Whistle
    • If you’re keeping your interactions limited or are leaving before the lobby opens, please feel free to send us a quick message via Whistle and leave your keys in your room. We will wish you safe travels that way!
    • If there is a remaining balance, it will be posted to the credit card you swiped at arrival and a final folio will be emailed to you.


We consider it solely our guests’ individual responsibility to look out for their own health and welfare.  It is not our job to enforce individual rights during peaceful activity, but we will manage our own property policies and enforce our own rules which each guest agrees to abide by when signing the registration contract at arrival.  These areas of enforcement include but are not limited to the scheduled use of amenities, number of occupants in the Lobby, all pet policies, payments due, quiet hours, and the assurance of peaceful relaxation of all guests.  We will behave in a respectful and courteous manner and expect that every registered guest of Mountain View Lodge & Resort do the same.

NOTE: When you sign your registration card, you are agreeing and assuming responsibility for the full payment of your reserved room stays.  Although, we want you to know that we respect your right to stay or go, there will be no refunds for early departures.