Your Guide To Fishing in Lake Chelan [Spring 2024]

by | Apr 9, 2024 | Things to Do

Man fishing around Lake Chelan

Springtime is such a beautiful season at Lake Chelan. People worldwide come to enjoy the sunny weather, magnificent landscapes, and endless opportunities for fun while connecting with nature in the Lake Chelan Valley.

One of the most popular activities in our region is fishing! 

While fishing season is open year-round in Lake Chelan, one of the best times to go to the lake is during the warm and sunny seasons.

Before heading out to your next fishing adventure, drop us a line at Mountain View Lodge & Resort and book a room for your fishing vacation headquarters! 

And be sure to keep an eye out for the legendary Dragon of Lake Chelan while you’re out there!  Read about the legend of Tsilly here!

To help you during your next Lake Chelan fishing excursion, we’ve compiled a list of the best spots to cast your fishing line.

Lake Chelan

Lake Chelan with the mountains in the background

First up on our list for all you fishing enthusiasts is beautiful Lake Chelan.

With over 50 miles of crystal blue water and magnificent surroundings of hillside orchards, vineyards, and mountain ranges, it’s no wonder why Lake Chelan is a world-renowned location in the Northwest for fishing.

This spot has an abundance of different types of fish to catch. Stocking programs release 100,000 Cutthroat and 500,000 Kokanee (landlocked Salmon) fingerlings into Lake Chelan. Along with these two types of fish, you can also expect to fish for Chinook Salmon, Lake Trout, Rainbow Trout, Smallmouth Bass, and Burbot, ranging between 6 to 20 pounds.

Although Lake Chelan is open year-round, check with the Department of Fish and Wildlife for license requirements and limits.

Wapato Lake

Person on a kayak while fishing on Wapato Lake

If you’ve got a great recipe to cook Rainbow Trout, Large Mouth Bass, Bluegill, or Black Crappie, make Wapato Lake your next fishing spot.

Nestled in the Manson Hills and just 7 minutes from The Lodge, Wapato Lake is a beautiful area that could be considered any fisherman’s dream spot. The lake covers 216 surface acres, has a maximum depth of 68 feet, and has gorgeous mountain surroundings, making it a great destination to bring a kayak or small boat to fish on the water. 

Wapato Lake has plenty of parking, bathroom access, and a concrete block boat launching ramp.

Antilon Lake

Antilon Lake

Continue to travel 14 minutes further north of Wapato Lake, and you’ll come across another little nook fishing hole called Antilon Lake. 

This 77-acre lake will make you feel like you’re fishing in your own private area. Enjoy the beautiful 360-degree scenery of the mountain range as you toss your line in the water to catch a variety of fish that await you. 

This lake is best known for being home to such fish as Black Crappie, Brown Trout, and Pumpkinseed Sunfish.Spend the day catching some fish out on the lake and grill it all up on the BBQ later in the evening under the pavilion section of Mountain View Lodge & Resort.

Alta Lake

A fisherman's hands holding a fishing pole

Travel 36 min up the Cascade Loop, where you can take in the fantastic mountain views on your way to a popular fishing spot called Alta Lake.

Tucked in the hills between Winthrop and Lake Chelan, Alta Lake is home to an extraordinary number and variety of fish, including the wild Large Mouth Bass, Kokanee, and Rainbow trout. Typically, around April, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife will re-stock this lake with Rainbow Trout and Kokanee, so expect to catch fish between 11 to 16 inches long. 

Additionally, Alta Lake has two boat launches and a campground area, just in case the fishing is too good to leave!

Fishing Charters in Lake Chelan

Fish 509

Photo credit: Fish 509 Charters

A fishing charter is the perfect way to explore local waters with experienced tour guides who provide all the gear! Here are the top fishing charters for anglers of all levels!

Fish 509 Charters

Fish 509 Charters is renowned for its expertise in navigating the deep waters of Lake Chelan to land exceptional catches. 

They offer adventures across various locations around the lake, targeting species such as Chinook Salmon, Kokanee, Lake Trout, Cutthroat Trout, and more. 

Their charters run year-round, ensuring a suitable time for all schedules. For more details or to contact them, visit their website here.

Chelan Sunrise Charters

Chelan Sunrise Charters provides year-round fishing opportunities targeting multiple species. They offer half-day (~4 hrs) and full-day (~8 hrs) trips priced at $300 and $450 for two adults, respectively, with one child allowed free of charge. 

Located in the beautiful Village of Manson, you can reach them by phone at 206-818-7171. For more information, visit their website here.

Lake Chelan Adventures

Lake Chelan Adventures targets Lake Trout (Mackinaw), Kokanee, Chinook Salmon, Rainbow Trout, and Westslope Cutthroat Trout. 

The company guarantees world-class memories, whether it’s your first time fishing or you’re an experienced angler!

You can learn more about their offerings by visiting Lake Chelan Adventures.

Bobber Down Guide Service

Specializing in Kokanee fishing for Lake Chelan, Bobber Down Guide Service offers trips targeting the “silver bullets” of the lake from January through June, when Kokanee fishing peaks. 

Their trips provide a fun family outing with great fishing around Lake Chelan. For more information or to book a trip, visit their website or contact them at (509) 670-3095.

Save the Date for the Hooked on Manson Fishing Derby, April 27th, 2024!

Hooked on Manson

The Manson Chamber of Commerce is proud to present the Hooked on Manson Trout Fishing Derby on Wapato Lake! 

This derby is open to youth and adults with three age categories, including up to 8 years old, 9-16 years old, and 17+. Each Angler will compete to bring in their three largest fish by weight to place in their category. You won’t want to miss it!

Purchase tickets here!

Add Mountain View Lodge To Your Tackle Box

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The Lake Chelan Valley is quite a catch for anyone looking for a fantastic spot to enjoy quality time on the water with a fishing pole, bait, and good company. The fish are biting, and the grills are hot!

Bring your family and friends and stay with us at Mountain View Lodge & Resort. 

If you’d like to learn about other great fishing spots during your stay, call us at (509) 687-9505. Ask about our specials and snag a room at The Lodge to set up the perfect fishing adventure.

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