Discover Serenity at Antheia of Chelan

by | Oct 25, 2023 | Activities, Fall, Things to Do

Meet our sister business, Antheia of Chelan

Over the past four years, we’ve worked hard to establish Antheia as an agritourism destination in the Lake Chelan Valley. The farm is located just a five-minute drive from the Lodge in the hills of Manson, and it certainly keeps us busy with its sprawling fields of flowers, pumpkins, and special fall harvest activities!

Here’s a little background on Antheia of Chelan and what it means to the Mountain View Lodge family!

What Does Antheia Mean?

In Greek mythology, Antheia is the goddess of gardens and vegetation. 

To us, Antheia means appreciating and celebrating the beauty of the Lake Chelan Valley. Nothing brings us more joy than sharing this beauty with our guests and creating a space where they can learn about agriculture, wander our gardens, and bask in the peace of nature.

Origins of Antheia

Alissa and Kim

It all began in 2018 when we purchased the property where the farm currently stands, although the vision was decades in the making!

We had always dreamed of establishing a business to provide local jobs and bring joy to the Lake Chelan Valley. Our original vision was to transform the 26 acres of land into three distinct sections: an olive grove where we could offer olive oil tastings, a farm and agricultural center, and a flower meadow.

More than anything, we wished to bring an exclusive amenity to our Mountain View Lodge & Resort guests: a special oasis where we could share the beauty of Lake Chelan’s agriculture.

It’s been a fantastic learning experience and an exercise in patience! Our daughter Alissa, known as the “Operations Ninja” of Antheia, has taken on the majority of responsibilities for planning and executing our family dream, and she’s done an incredible job at bringing this vision to life!

Learning the Tricks of the Trade

Kid in farm

Honing in the plans for our property has been exciting and somewhat experimental!

We initially planted 195 olive trees to bring something new and compatible to the Lake Chelan Valley. We knew it was a bit of a gamble, but we were willing to take the risk! While the first summer was a great success, the olive trees just couldn’t withstand our cold Lake Chelan winters, and we sadly had to part ways with that part of the dream.

We no longer have the olive grove, but we hope to offer olive oil tastings on the farm one day! We can’t imagine a better pairing to our beautiful Washington wine country.

As for the flowers and pumpkins, Alissa has learned valuable skills and information in real time. She consulted with florists and farmers to select the perfect varietals. She has conducted countless hours of research on every plant and their specific needs for fertilizer, watering, pruning, and likes and dislikes.

In the first year, we grew mammoth sunflowers with marked success. These particular flowers are phytoremediators, which eat the lead out of the soil. Since the land is on an old orchard, this was an important step in cleaning the soil in preparation for future crops! Our U-pick garden evolved out of the sunflower field, with the pumpkin patch coming to fruition just a few years later.

Dreams for the Future

Antheia flower

With so much space and high-quality soil, there’s no shortage of possibilities for Antheia of Chelan! 

For now, we plan to expand the flower garden and walking trails as well as the pumpkin patch. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed bringing a true harvest experience to Lake Chelan including pumpkins, corn maze, hayrides, and apple shoot each October and will continue elaborating on these offerings!

It’s been a wonderful and educational experience owning and operating Antheia. In the four years of ownership, we’ve added three full-time employees and have received tremendous support from the community across Chelan and Manson. 

We’re always looking for other ways to collaborate with local farms. We can’t wait to continue contributing to our great agricultural experience in the Lake Chelan Valley!

Experience Antheia When You Stay at The Lodge

Antheia entrance

One of our favorite parts of owning Antheia is sharing it with guests of The Lodge! 

When you stay at The Lodge, you get special access to the grounds and gardens. Just let us know at check-in (or any part of your stay!), and we’ll arrange a time for a visit, regardless of open hours to the public. While the flowers and pumpkins are seasonal, there’s always a special peace to uncover at Antheia.

Book online or give us a call today to reserve your stay in the Lake Chelan Valley. We look forward to sharing the unique beauty of our home with you!