Murder Mystery Dinner in Lake Chelan

by | Jan 25, 2023 | Events

Are you game for solving a Valentine’s weekend mystery murder in Lake Chelan? The killer is at large, and we need your help to identify who committed this horrible crime before they strike again. 

Luckily, we’ve set a trap for them at our Murder Mystery Dinner, and it will be up to you to identify who the culprit is so we can bring them to justice!

Here’s what we have in store for you during our Murder Mystery Dinner in Lake Chelan.

How to Participate

Paper evidence for the murder mystery dinner in Lake Chelan

Join us as we take you on a thrilling journey to discover who committed a heinous crime in Manson, also known as Amorville, on February 18 at 5pm!

🎟 TWO Ticket types:

  • Murder Mystery Dinner & Lodging Package
    • 2-night stay at Mountain View Lodge & Resort
    • Two Murder Mystery Dinner tickets (get $20 off each ticket with this package)
    • Two bonus game pieces
    • 5pm pre-party at Mountain View Lodge & Resort (Small bites and a glass of wine or beer are included)
    • Plus, exclusively for you, this package is the only way to get tickets to the Murder Mystery Dinner until February 4, 2023! After that date, tickets for the general public will go on sale!
  • Murder Mystery Dinner Only

😱 Limited seating is available, so act quickly to help us identify the killer!

🎟 Tickets can be purchased here!

To watch the game trailer, gather information about the characters, get costume suggestions, & more – go to

Murder Mystery Dinner: Til’ Death Do Us Part Backstory

Newspaper for the murder Mystery in Lake Chelan

Hanna and Harry Heart are legends in the town of Amorville. From the town’s most desirable high school sweethearts, they wed soon after high school, and today, Hanna’s a beautiful NFL  cheerleader, and Harry’s a talented quarterback for the St. Louis Lambs! 

The Hearts often visit their hometown of Amorville and have traditionally hosted a Valentine’s Day soiree.  This year, they are hosting their party at the lovely and quaint Mio Amore Café. The guests will arrive on the scene and enjoy yummy appetizers while catching up on the latest juicy gossip.  

Hanna plans to get the party going with fun party games and has planned a delectable menu for dinner. Hopefully, the guests will get along, but rumors have been floating around town about scandals, deceit, bribery, and blackmails! The Hearts hope their friends can put their differences aside and have a memorable time at their celebration.  

You’ve received your invitation, and this is where your story begins!

What to Expect

Bloody hand covered in red rose peddles during the murder mystery dinner in Lake Chelan

You’ll be encouraged to use your detective skills as you participate in this interactive evening of crime-solving and puzzles. Spend time sharing clues, analyzing evidence, and feeling like Sherlock Holmes himself as you search for answers. Of course, the killer could be anyone in attendance – so get ready for some suspenseful fun!

Your Character

Your character will be assigned to you once you have purchased your tickets. Character details will be included in your invitation.

When You Arrive

When you arrive at North Shore Cafe on February 18 at 6PM, you will be greeted as your character and with a seat at your table as you wait for the first round to begin!

3 Rounds

The game is organized into three rounds and is structured as follows:

  • Round One –  During round one, the first set of clue cards will be distributed among the guests to get the deductive skills flowing as you try to identify the killer in the room. This round is designed for the characters to get acquainted with each other, and the plot will unfold as the characters discuss the information in their clue cards.

    Motives will be unveiled, and some characters will be instructed to perform certain actions throughout the game. Make sure not to rush, as this is the most important round. It’s all about gossiping and sharing secrets!

    Refreshments and appetizers will also be served throughout round one.
  • Round Two – Dinner is served! By this point, all your detective work has certainly worked up an appetite. So relax for a minute with your delectable entrees and continue your gossip over what happened and who you think the killer is. The best secrets could happen during dinner.

    The second round of clue cards will be distributed after dinner, so you will have plenty more to share and discuss with the other characters.

    At the end of round two, you will be given an investigation sheet to organize your thoughts and draw your conclusion about who committed the murder.
  • Round Three – If you’ve made it this far, the killer is doing a great job concealing themselves! Not to worry, though! This is the accusation round.

    Based on your discoveries throughout the game, you’ll have the opportunity during round three to accuse who you think the killer is, how they did it, and bring them to justice.

    Coffee, cocoa, and dessert will also be served to further help your detective juices to flow!

Good luck, and happy hunting!

The Murder Mystery Dinner is brought to you by North Shore Cafe and Mountain View Lodge Resort!

In all seriousness, folks. The Murder Mystery Dinner experience is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, events, and incidents are the products of the imagination of the organizers. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental or for fictional storytelling purposes. No one was harmed in any of the photos taken in this email!