A Look Back at 2022 in Lake Chelan with Mountain View Lodge

by | Dec 31, 2022 | Events

Birds eye view of Mountain View Lodge and Resort along with surrounding area

What an amazing year 2022 was! From beautiful warm days enjoying the lake during an unforgettable summer in Lake Chelan to cozy evenings during the fall enjoying the sunsets, the year was filled with memorable moments for us at Mountain View Lodge. 

Looking back on 2022 with nostalgic eyes, we cannot help but be excited over what the future may hold for this special place! So, let’s take a trip down memory lane together and explore some of the most amazing adventures this past year in Lake Chelan!

Winterfest 2022

Kim and Gerry in front of the MVLR tower

The Mountain View Lodge flaming ice tower after it was constructed.

As we quickly approach Winterfest 2023, we are reminded of last year’s Winterfest and how amazing it was to see all the joy around Lake Chelan. Visitors from all over came to experience two weeks of our winter wonderland and all the fun activities that it had to offer. 

One of the highlights from Winterfest 2022 was our flaming ice tower. It was quite the spectacle as we filled a giant block of ice with wood and lit it on fire for all to enjoy.

Mountain View Lodge flaming tower

The burning of the flaming ice tower. 

The fun didn’t stop there. There was something fun around town just waiting to elevate your winter experience in Lake Chelan. Ice sculptures lined the sidewalks, bonfires kept visitors warm as they enjoyed their wine, cider, and food, music filled the streets, and the fireworks kept everyone in awe!

Last year was amazing, but this year’s Winterfest 2023 is sure to be even grander!

The Month of Love in February

Month of love in Lake Chelan

The Month of Love back in February was a very sweet time of the year! Rather than just having one event to celebrate Valentine’s day on the 14th, wineries in town created unique romantic wine-pairing experiences for all visitors throughout February.

Winemakers paired their vino with curated chocolates and cheeses to enhance the flavors of special released wines. To top all the amazing experiences off during the Month of Love, numerous wineries prepared elegant and delectable wine dinners for all to enjoy their Valentine’s day with their significant other.

Taste Chelan in March

Taste Chelan 2022 Flyer

March was a very delicious month!

All month long, local wineries hand-selected their most tantalizing wines and paired them with food from local restaurants, chefs, and culinary artisans for visitors to enjoy during the Taste Chelan Taste Tour. Many guests staying at The Lodge couldn’t stop talking about how delicious the food was and how they couldn’t believe how the wine made it that much better.

Stay tuned for this year’s Taste Chelan events happening in march!

Spring Bloom

Spring Bloom in Lake Chelan

This year’s bloom in Lake Chelan was just like every year…breathtaking and gorgeous! Antheia of Chelan had beds of sunflowers and flowers basking in the sun’s glow.

All the flowers revealed their long-awaited colors, the mountains were blanketed with a shade of vivid green from the trees, and the weather made you never want to go back inside.

Fourth of July Celebration

Fourth of July in Lake Chelan

The fourth of July firework show was such a special one this year. Aside from the fireworks creating a stunning display of lights in the night sky, this year’s firework display was the biggest one in the entire state of Washington!

Wine Harvest from September – November

Wine harvest in lake Chelan

The wineries around Lake Chelan always have so much fun during wine harvest season. Lake Chelan is the place to be during wine harvest season, from vineyard tours and wine pairings to hosting wine release parties with live music. 

Haunted Manson in October

Haunted Manson

The 2nd annual Haunted Manson was the scary gift that kept giving throughout the entire month of October. Throughout Manson, visitors enjoyed all the spooky activities, encountering uniquely made scarecrows, visiting wineries for haunted graveyards and apple shoots, and, to top everything off, a brand new haunted house.

The haunted house was especially talked about and enjoyed by everyone during this Halloween season. Some people even did a walk-through of the haunted house multiple times because they loved experiencing all the new characters and storylines behind the haunted house.

Santa’s Arrival and Village of Lights in December

Santa in Leffler Field

This Christmas season was full of so much joy and cheer, from the colorful lights adorning homes to Santa Claus visiting Lake Chelan and collecting all the letters written to him at The Lodge. Everywhere you looked, people were smiling, laughing, and enjoying all of the holiday cheer around town.

Santa’s arrival at The Lodge was one of the highlights of this cheerful season. As he flew in on a helicopter ready to pass out candy and treats, people couldn’t believe their eyes. Kids were so excited to meet him and hand over their letters filled with their wish list for Christmas morning.

Even the Grinch made it all the way out from Whoville this year!

Santa Claus and the Grinch in Lake Chelan during Christmas

Village of Lights

Village of lights in Lake Chelan

The cherry on top of this holiday season must have been the village of lights decorations that everyone had put up around town. Everywhere you looked, there would be a beautiful display of greens, blues, reds, and purples vividly lighting up the night. It was quite a spectacle to be seen venturing downtown!

Looking Forward

Mountain View Lodge card at front desk

2022 was an amazing year, and we are so grateful for everyone that was a part of it. We are excited about what the year 2023 has in store for us in lake Chelan.

2023 is going to be another amazing year filled with lots of festive events, new memories to be made, and great things to experience. Be a part of it with us at The Lodge by calling (509) 687-9505, as we can give you the lowdown on what’s happening in the Lake Chelan Valley and find the perfect room for your stay. Cheers!