Where to Get Hot Soups During Lake Chelan’s Winter

by | Dec 13, 2022 | Food

Hot Lobster Bisque soup available in Lake Chelan

Ahhh, winter in Lake Chelan is the perfect time of year to enjoy all these cozy lakeside communities have to offer! But, although the beautiful seasonal decorations and the snow-capped mountains are elegant sites to be seen, things get a bit cold here during the winter. That’s where the great taste of warm soup comes in!

Whether you’re looking for something hearty or light, you can find an amazing selection of hot soups at restaurants throughout Lake Chelan.

So grab a spoon and get ready for some warm-you-up goodness because here’s our top recommended list of spots where you can get hot soups in Lake Chelan during winter.

Clam Chowder at Wapato Point Cellars & Winemaker’s Grill

Hot bowl of clam chowder from Wapato Point Cellars

First up on our list of must-try spots to get a delicious bowl of soup is Wapato Point Cellars & Winemaker’s Grill. Located just 7 minutes from The Lodge, this enchanting winery and restaurant serve up a fantastic plate of clam chowder and many other delicious dishes off their menu that will tantalize your taste buds and warm you up during a chilly day.

Their unique blend of spices adds an extra layer to the flavor profile, making this dish much more interesting than other versions you typically find. Enjoy their classic creamy New England-style chowder featuring fresh clams, potatoes, bacon, leeks, celery, onions, and the perfect seasoning blend.

French Onion Soup at Siren Song

French onion soup at Siren Song

Are you ready for a mouth watering soup that will leave you saying “mmm”? Well, head over to Siren Song Winery and Restaurant and experience a delicious bowl of French Onion soup, fresh from the kitchen.

Aside from all the delicious options in the Siren Song menu, the French Onion Soup is one of those “must try” items. It’s the perfect blend of caramelized onions, beef broth, sherry wine, toasted crostini, melted gruyere parmesan, and mozzarella that will keep you nice and warm during a snowy winter day.

Potato Leek Soup at Sunset Manson Bar & Grill

Hot potato leek soup from Sunset Manson Bar & Grill

Next up on our list of unforgettable spots to pick up some delicious hot soup is Sunset Manson Bar & Grill. Just a 6 minutes walk from the Lodge, this colorful restaurant has a rich atmosphere and is perfect for the entire family to head in and warm up during a beautiful day in our winter paradise.

When ordering from their menu, be sure to get yourself a warm bowl of their delicious Potato Leek Soup! This creamy and delightful dish is packed with fried potatoes and is complimented by sour cream and green onions to bring you a tasteful experience!

2 Must Try Soups at La Brisa

Hot bowl of soup available at La Brisa in Lake Chelan

Next up on our list of must-try spots where you can get some delicious hot soup is La Brisa.

Located in Chelan, this laid-back, colorful Mexican eatery serves an array of tacos & hearty plates from their menu and, you guessed it, mouth-watering soup!

Choose from 2 different types of soup they serve:

  • Sopa Siete Mares – A mouth-watering combination of seven different types of seafood cooked into a seafood broth.
  • Sopa De Tortilla – A tortilla soup with tender chunks of chicken breast, fresh avocados, tomatoes, onions, and jack cheese in a delicious chicken broth. 

Soups at Blueberry Hills

Hot tomato bisque soup available at Blueberry Hills in Lake Chelan

This next spot provides a great opportunity to drive with the family and witness the Lake Chelan sites on your way for some great eating.

Take a short but beautifully scenic 6-minute drive from The Lodge to Blueberry Hills, where they have some great-tasting soup made from scratch daily! Choose from the following Soup of the Day selections:

  • Tomato Bisque is available on Wednesday.
  • Clam Chowder is available on Fridays.
  • Every other day is the chef’s choice between the two soups. 

Beef Stew at County Line

Hot bowl of beef stew soup in Lake Chelan

After a fun day around Lake Chelan, head to the County Line Eat & Drink on Woodin for some hot bowls of soup to enjoy with the family!

Try one or even both of the soups available on their menu, including:

  • House Tomato Basil soup – Roasted tomatoes, basil, olive oil, butter, garlic, thyme.
  • Beef Stew – Carefully prepared beef that’s been slow-cooked with potatoes and carrots, so every bite melts in your mouth!

French Onion Soup at The Bistro at Lake Chelan

French onion soup in Lake Chelan

Step inside The Bistro at Lake Chelan and warm up with a delicious bowl of soup. Nothing compares to a warm bowl of French onion soup on a chilly day. This classic recipe is beloved by many, especially during the colder months when you need something comforting and delicious. 

Not only does this timeless dish have incredible flavor from the caramelized onions, brandy,

rich broth, gruyere, and croutons, but it’s the perfect meal to enjoy when you’re looking for something hearty.

Warm Up at The Lodge

Front entrance of mountain view lodge and resort with snow everywhere

Now that winter is in full swing, it’s the perfect time to start planning your next winter vacation. And there’s no better place to stay than The Lodge in Lake Chelan. 

We have all the amenities you need to make your stay comfortable, including a cozy fire in the lobby and plenty of great-tasting soups all around town for you to experience. So be sure to reserve your room today and experience all our winter wonderland offers.

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