Here Are All the Crops Grown Right Here in Lake Chelan

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A crop growing in Lake Chelan during a beautiful blue sky day

Have you ever wondered how many different types of crops grow in Lake Chelan? Well, we’re here to tell you that aside from all the vineyards growing grapes for wine, the Lake Chelan area is very much considered an agricultural community and is home to numerous types of produce you love to enjoy!

From apples, pears, and peaches to cherries, pumpkins, and apricots, there’s always something delicious growing in the rich Washington soil.

To give you a better idea of all the different types of produce that grow in our little slice of paradise, here are all the crops grown in Lake Chelan.

Why Lake Chelan?

Crop of grapes growing in Lake Chelan with the lake and mountains in the background

First, let’s start by explaining why Lake Chelan is such a hot spot for growing so many different types of delicious produce. It’s because of the mineral-rich soil!

Lake Chelan is agriculturally recognized worldwide for having some of the best soil that grows up to 10,000 acres worth of pumpkins, apples, cherries, pears, apricots, peaches, and wine grapes, just to name a few!

This is all made possible by the distinctive properties of the soil. Along with being coarse and sandy, the Lake Chelan soil contains quartz and mica, providing the produce grown with better textures, minerals, and nutrients.

One major type of soil that Lake Chelan contains is the Pumiceous Gravelly Sandy Loam, which is enriched by the freezing effects caused by glaciation from the Continental Ice Sheet and the volcanic activity from nearby Glacier Peak. 

Apple Orchards

Apple tree growing in Lake Chelan

Stroll through the lush, sun-kissed orchards of Lake Chelan, and you’ll find a plethora of apples popping off the trees. The region is awash with numerous well-known apples, including Braeburn, Cameo, Cosmic Crisp, Fuji, and Gala, among many others.

Visitors often come to pick the juicy fruits right off the vine for a fresh snack during their adventures around the area. So if you’re down at Lake Chelan during apple season, don’t miss out on the sweet opportunity to get in touch with one of nature’s delicious treats! But, please, be sure that you are picking from an open market orchard.

The next time you’re in Lake Chelan, be sure to stop by Rootwood Cider and Chelan Valley Farms to learn about the farmers’ approach to apple growing and the future of agriculture here in the valley!

Cherry Orchards

Cherry trees that grow in Lake Chelan

Cherries are another Washington favorite! Lake Chelan is home to some truly unique and stunning cherry trees that grow in abundance. These cherries are delectable, juicy treats with an incredibly sweet flavor to enjoy fresh off the tree. Experience all types of cherries, including bing, lapin, rainier, Skeena, and sweetheart cherries. 

Skeena and Rainier cherries

Skeena Cherries on the left and Rainier Cherries on the right.

Visitors flock to Lake Chelan each season to pick these extraordinary fruits, creating a vibrant and festive atmosphere. With colorful blooms brightening the landscape each spring and a charming palette of reds and purples come harvest time, Lake Chelan is a gorgeous sight to behold during all cherry-growing seasons. Lake Chelan is worth exploring if you have been looking for the perfect place to find an unforgettable harvesting experience!

Blueberries, Raspberries, and Blackberries

Crop of blueberries growing in Lake Chelan

The large crops of succulent blueberries, juicy raspberries, and luscious blackberries that grow in Lake Chelan are truly a sight to behold! Not only do they look beautiful clustered together in each crop, but their distinctive colors and the perfect blend of sweet and tart make the perfect addition to various dishes. 

A notable spot where you can witness the vibrant reds, blues, and blacks hanging from vines when they’re in season is Blueberry Hills Farm, located in Manson, WA. During any season, you can still head over and enjoy the delicious taste of the year’s harvest in some of their signature dishes and beverages.


Crops of lavender growing in Lake Chelan

Lake Chelan is home to a wide variety of crops, including the most aromatic of them all — lavender! This purple bloom is perhaps known best for its relaxing scent and medicinal benefits, such as helping with insomnia and anxiety, and it can even be consumed to help with hair loss. 

Lavender has grown so well in Lake Chelan over the years that it’s become an integral part of a sustainable farm system. Lavender crops also attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies, which adds beauty to the region’s natural environment. Visitors to Lake Chelan have been known to purchase some of the crops in order to enjoy its subtle yet fruity flavor that livens up tea, desserts, and even salads! During your next visit to Lake Chelan, be sure to head over to Siren Song Farms to witness the beautiful purple fields during their growing season and to pick up some fresh lavender. 


Flowers growing in Lake Chelan

The vibrant crops of flowers that grow in Lake Chelan are a diverse and beautiful sight to witness! Every season brings blossoms that color the landscape in bright hues. Some of the most commonly grown flowers in Lake Chelan are Sunflowers, Dahlias, Tulips, and roses, just to name a few!

The next time you visit during the blooming season, call over and reserve a spot to walk through the rows of flowers at Antheia of Chelan. Whether you’re looking for something sweet to smell or colorful to admire, or a bouquet to take home there are plenty of breathtaking flowers to enjoy in Lake Chelan!


Vineyards growing grape wines in Lake Chelan

Wine vineyards are one of the most well-known crops grown right here in Lake Chelan. Boasting steep terrains, breathtaking views, and crops of top quality, wine vineyards that grow in Lake Chelan are sure to take your breath away. 

Every year, travelers visit Lake Chelan to experience what the season’s harvest offers with an elegant wine tasting. Along with wine tasting at the numerous vineyards in Lake Chelan, many of them also offer the opportunity to tour their vineyards, show a behind the scenes look at how the grapes are harvested, processed, and turned into wine, and even offer food and wine pairing sittings. So venture out and participate in these vineyard adventures for a glimpse into why Lake Chelan continues to be renowned for its fruitful offerings!

Select from one of these fine wineries and tasting rooms in Manson during your next visit:

Other Crops You wouldn’t Expect

Believe it or not, we haven’t even scratched the surface of how diverse the crops are in Lake Chelan. Among many other crops that grow in Lake Chelan, here are a few more that you may have not been aware of: 

  • Corn
  • Currants
  • Eggs
  • Figs
  • Alfalfa
  • Apricots
  • Arnica
  • Basil
  • Draper
  • Liberty
  • Calendula

Bees and Honey

Bees collecting honey in a honey comb in Lake Chelan

Lake Chelan is one spot that provides the proper elements to sustain a bee’s natural ecosystem. As a result, bee farming is commonly practiced in Lake Chelan to collect honey.

Lake Chelan is home to an abundance of bee populations and they are busy at work collecting sweet nectar from a variety of flowers. Witnessing them up close can be quite a spectacle and has been known to leave onlookers captivated. From small bumblebees bobbing between apple trees to extensive colonies gathering resources for their families, bees are one of nature’s most incredible creations capable of thriving even in the face of adversity.  You can get local honey at the Farmer’s Markets and many local stores such as Bear Foods Market in downtown Chelan.

Stay at The Lodge

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Lake Chelan truly is one of the most beautiful spots in the world and can be the perfect location to witness all of nature’s delights during your next vacation.

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