Things to Pack for Your Fall Trip to Lake Chelan

by | Nov 16, 2022 | Travel

Fall in Lake Chelan

Packing the right things for a fall vacation can be tricky at times!

Overpacking warm clothes can make your trip too hot and uncomfortable, especially if it’s not always cold outside and if you’re planning on spending a lot of the trip indoors. On the other hand, underpacking warm clothes can bring a whole new definition to the phrase, “I chilled out for a lot of my vacation”!

To help you avoid this predicament before venturing on your next vacation to Lake Chelan, here’s a list of recommended items to bring along this fall season.

The Right Clothing

Fall outfit

Although the weather can get cold during the fall around Lake Chelan, it doesn’t stay cold all day. For most of the Fall season, the temperature gets to its coldest around the evening, night, and early morning hours of each day. However, there are those days when the weather is a bit chilly all day.

To ensure that you never have to be too cold or too hot during your next trip, we recommend packing the following articles of clothing:

Jacket – The great thing about a jacket is that you don’t have to be stuck wearing it all day. They look great for most outfits and can be removed when it gets too warm!

Long sleeve shirts – Bring a few long sleeves to wear alone or under a short sleeve. If you wear it under a short sleeve and it gets too hot, you can always remove it later.

Beanies – Beanies are great because you may start your day feeling cold, but if it gets too hot, you can always take them off and stuff them in your back pocket.

Warm vests – Vests are a great way to have both hot and cold. There are those days when it feels warm in some areas but cold in others. That’s where the beauty of a vest comes in. Keep your arms exposed to experience the cool weather when it gets hot, but continue wearing the vest to warm your torso when it gets cold. 

Pants/Shorts – It never hurts to pack shorts and pants during a trip to most places. It’s better to have them both than being stuck in a situation thinking to yourself, “man, I wish I packed those!”

Long Socks – Planning on hiking during your visit? That’s where the long socks come in handy. Since it is Fall/harvest season, many of the bushes along hiking trails have become leafless and stiffened up. This can become quite an annoying nuisance to your legs along a hike if you’re not properly prepared. 


Woman applying chapstick to her lips

Although chapstick is a great item to bring no matter the weather in your destination, it is often left behind, leaving you to buy a new stick. Even worse are those situations where your chapped lips need the stick now, but it’s nowhere to be found in your bag or nearby stores. 

Don’t let this happen to you during your next fall trip to Lake Chelan or anywhere else!


A woman's hand pouring sunscreen in her other hand

Yes, you read that correctly. Always pack sunscreen in almost every situation when you are on vacation. 

You may be saying to yourself, “hey, won’t it be cloudy a lot of the time we’re in Lake Chelan?” For the most part, yes, but even in cloudy weather, the sun’s UV rays can still get through and hit your exposed skin, causing a sunburn. 

Bug Repellent 

Woman spraying mosquito repellent on her legs

Although it’s not as crucial to have bug repellent during the Fall season compared to the Spring/Summer seasons, it’s better to have it than not!

Mosquitoes and many other pesky-winged pests do have a tendency to disrupt your fun when you least expect them to. That’s why it’s always a great idea to pack bug repellent, just in case!

Some good bug-repellent options include:

Your Fall Stay at the Lodge

Gerri giving a handshake at the front desk

Now that you’re all packed and ready to go on your Lake Chelan adventure, there’s only one thing left to do!

Book your stay with us at The Lodge and vacation in style.

We are within walking distance of Downtown Manson, restaurants, wineries, and the lake!For more information on reserving your Fall vacation in Lake Chelan at The Lodge, call (509)-687-9505 or check us out on Instagram and Facebook where we are always posting about great things happening all around Lake Chelan!