Meet the Scarecrows from Haunted Manson

by | Oct 13, 2022 | Events

Scarecrow with a pumpkin head

The scarecrows are making their yearly October appearance during the 2nd annual Haunted Manson scarecrow contest — and they are better than ever.

In 2021, the local businesses around the Lake Chelan valley and all of you enjoyed the scarecrow contest so much that Haunted Manson decided to bring it back again for another month of fun. This year, the scarecrows are going all out, and we will need your help again to decide which one will be the top scarecrow of 2022!

If you see one of these Scarecrows, don’t be shy! Take a fun picture with them and the whole family. Find them throughout the Chelan Valley and use #hauntedmanson when you share your photo on Instagram or Facebook with the scarecrows!

Choose your favorite scarecrow based on four different categories, including:

  • Which ones you find to be the scariest
  • Which ones you find to be the funniest
  • Which ones you find to be the best supporting decorations
  • Which ones you find to be the best story being depicted by the scarecrows

Head over to Haunted Manson to vote for your favorite scarecrow. 

The Deadline to vote is October 28, 2022!

Meet the Scarecrows

They’re bigger, they’re scarier, and they’re here to say, “hey”! So, without further ado, let’s meet the scarecrows!

Beetlejuice and Fritz scarecrows

Left Image: Someone said it thrice, and now it’s Showtime! Straight from the Netherrealm with Adam in tow, Beetlejuice has decided to haunt Green Dot Subs and Scoops this Halloween season.

Right Image: Fritz has been looking for quite some time for his MA-8. He’s looked far and wide, through down trees, and over brush but still can’t find it. He’s been hanging out at Lake Chelan Brewery lately, so come say hello and have a drink with him!

Bacchus and Benny

Left Image: Bacchus the scarecrow has found the perfect home at Tipsy Canyon Winery. Stop by and have a glass of wine with Bacchus!

Right Image: Find Benny at Benson Vineyards either indoor or outdoor wine tasting, dancing to Live Music, Barrel tasting, eating at the Café, or playing cornhole.

Cap Blackjack Bill along with Cap Dexter and lady scarecrow

Left Image: You can find Cap’n Blackjack Bill at Lake Chelan Boating Club Poker Run or out on the lake counting his winnings.

Right Image: Stop by Lake Chelan Boat Company and pay Captain Dexter and Lady Belle a visit before their next voyage across the lake.

Captain Scrumpy and Charlie

Left Image: No need to sail the seven seas to find Captain Scrumpy. Here’s right here at Lake Effect Provisions!

Right Image: Sailing his way through some strong winds and tides to make it to The Manson Chamber of Commerce is Charlie. Find him at their new Information Center location at 17 Hale Street.

Dalthela and Darth Maul and Creepy Clown

Left Image: Every October, Daltheia shows her fresh face in the beautiful flower garden of Antheia of Chelan.

Right Image: From Lake Chelan Building Supply comes a partnership between scarecrows, Darth Maul, and Creepy Clown to try and invade Mario’s world.

DJ Scary Vibes and Edna Ellen Crowe

Left Image: Come vibe out at Vibe Cellars with some killer tunes by DJ Scary Vibes!

Right Image: Enjoy a book with Edna Ellen Crowe at the Manson Community Library.

Elizabeth and Evil Tin Man

Left Image: Greetings. I’m Elizabeth, Queen of the Arts, and I want to encourage you to enjoy all the Outdoor Gallery artwork on display in our Lake Chelan Valley by the Lake Chelan Art Council.

Right Image: Not many people know the TRUE story of how the Evil Tin Man got his heart from the Wizard of Oz…Find out by paying him a visit at Peterson’s Waterfront.

Freddie Fuels and jack Skellington

Left Image: Freddie Fuels spends his days greeting the wonderful people of Manson at his favorite C-store, Colville Fuels: Deep Water, and hopes you’ll visit him soon!

Right Image: The pumpkin king took time off from planning Christmas to help us this Halloween at Ancestry Cellars

Leisure Suite Larry and Liber Pater Peter

Left Image: Head over to Blueberry Hills Farm and visit Leisure Suit Larry before the bad guys find him!

Right Image: Liber Pater Peter watches over the fruits of their labor at Four Lakes Winery. Just be sure not to touch his pumpkins!

Maria La Llorona and Miss Snevets

Left Image: Head to Mountain View Lodge & Resort and check out Maria La Llorona before entering a room!

Right Image: Miss Snevets has made her appearance at WineGirl Wines. Stop by and have a glass of wine with her!

The Boneyard Boys and The Girls

Left Image: Head over to Silver Bell Winery and witness The Boneyard Boys working themselves to the bone trying to press grapes.

Right Image: The Girls & Kids await your arrival at Skagit Cellars!

Vino van Gogh and Vino Vinney

Left Image: While Vino van Gogh is enjoying wine and busy painting works of art, everyone else is busy working hard at Amos Rome!

Right Image: Find Vino Vinney taking a load off after this season’s harvest at Lake Chelan Winery.

Wave Rider and Wilsona

Left Image: Come rip up the lake with Wave Rider at Manson Bay Market.

Right Image: Enjoy a glass of wine and the beautiful views at Wapato Point Cellars with Wilsonna.

Come & Relax

The building of mountain view lodge and resort during a sunny day

After voting for your favorite scarecrow of Haunted Manson 2022, head to your room at The Lodge, jump in the jacuzzi, and relax.

For more information on reserving your Halloween stay at The Lodge, call (509)-687-9505 or check us out on Instagram and Facebook, where we are always posting about great things happening all around Lake Chelan!