Why Fall is the Best Time of Year in Lake Chelan

by | Sep 27, 2022 | Fall

Beautiful fall image of Manson Bay Park with colorful leaves and a sunrise

Each and every season, Lake Chelan brings its unique beauty that blankets the entire region.

However, no other season compares to the astonishing nature of fall in Lake Chelan.

It’s a festive time around the lake when the leaves change to a beautiful variety of colors, harvest gives way to a new year of delicious produce, and wineries rejoice from what their hard work all year has provided them with, among many other amazing things that come from the fall season. 

Thinking about visiting Lake Chelan during the Fall season? Well, here’s a list of reasons why Fall is the best time of year in Lake Chelan.

The Weather

Fall shot of Downtown Manson

Lake Chelan is a breathtaking place during fall. The leaves on the trees change colors, and the air gets crisp. It’s the perfect time to go for a long walk or take a drive through the valley. The weather is cool but not cold, and the days are shorter, so you can enjoy the long nights. There’s nothing better than sitting around a fire with your friends or family, drinking hot cider, and making s’mores. Fall is also the perfect time to go apple picking or visit a pumpkin patch. If you’re looking for a place to relax and enjoy the changing season, there’s no better place than Lake Chelan.

Harvest Time at Wineries

Beautiful green vineyard during the fall season in Lake Chelan

The fall season means one amazing detail about the local wineries here in Manson. All the grapes in the vineyards are ready to be harvested, extracted from their juicy contents, and produced into delicious wine.

Farmers and winemakers especially love having visitors come by to experience the numerous tour options they make available to those that desire to learn more about the wine they enjoy sipping on. For example, take part in a vineyard tour at two local wineries, Amos Rome and Chelan Ridge Winery, where you’ll get to sip wine as you take tractor rides through the vineyards while learning more about the process of producing grapes and wine. 

Once you’re done with your vineyard tour, head to their tasting room, where you can have fun and relax while enjoying the fruits of their labor from the 2022 harvest season. The great news is that Manson is home to some of the best wineries in Lake Chelan! Plus, they’re all within walking or driving distance of The Lodge!

Select from one of these fine wineries and tasting rooms in Manson:

Walks During Fall

Manson Bay Park during the day

Taking a stroll towards Downtown Manson and experiencing the sites and everything our beautiful town offers is always an excellent decision, no matter what time of day it is. But there’s something much more majestic about taking a stroll during the fall season. 

As you walk, witness the different colors of the leaves in their wide range of shaded beauty lining up the hillside, breathe in the cool and refreshing autumn air, and even bundle up in your favorite coat to keep you warm during the stroll.

The best part is that you don’t need a vehicle to get to some of the best walking spots. Many of the perfect landmark locations are within walking distance of The Lodge, including Downtown Manson.

Select from one of the great spots and enjoy your walk during this fall season. 

  • Downtown Manson – Since Mountain View Lodge IS in Downtown Manson, this lovely stroll is just outside your door.  This spot has many wonderful restaurants, exciting wineries filled with great wine, and amazing new friends ready to welcome you.
  • Manson Bay Park – This spot is located at the furthest edge of Downtown Manson, roughly 10 minutes away from The Lodge, and is filled with serenity and beauty once you’re there. Be sure to bring your camera to this spot because it has some of the greatest views of the lake, Downtown Manson, the surrounding hillsides, the mountain ranges, and even a sunset, depending on when you get there.
  • The Lake Shore – If you’re more in the mood for a short stroll, take a 10-minute walk from The Lodge towards the shoreline of Lake Chelan, where you can enjoy the calming sounds of the water lightly brushing up against the beach. Ah, serenity!

Harvest Events

Harvest wines

The Harvest season is a local favorite around Lake Chelan. Each year, the town demonstrates this by hosting various events and activities for all to participate in. Some of the big events this year include:

Haunted Manson – Prepare for the scare as Haunted Manson makes its return to Manson for 2022. Starting October 1 and lasting through Halloween night, the entire town of Manson hosts a variety of spooky activities, creepy events, a scary Haunted House with an eerie backstory, and so much more for you and the entire family to enjoy this fall season. As we like to say, Harvest by Day; Haunted by Night!

Manson Hydrofest – The annual Manson Hydrofest sponsored by The Manson Chamber of Commerce and the Seattle Inboard Racing Association happens in late September. Come marvel at all the hydroplane racing boats as they whizz and race through the waters of Lake Chelan. 

Live Music – Enjoy a wide range of talented artists at numerous locations and times as they jam out and help you to rock the night away during your next vacation to lake Chelan. Be sure to visit Lake Chelan Wine Valley to see all the great live performers coming to Lake Chelan this fall season.

“Fall” in Love With the Season

Mountain View Lodge card at front desk

It looks like you have a lot to look forward to this fall season. So much so that it’s no wonder why Fall is the best season in Lake Chelan!

Now all that’s left to do is to reserve your autumn getaway at The Lodge.

We love hosting new and returning travelers and recommending all the best things to do during your stay in lake Chelan.