4 Simple Tips to Enjoy Lake Chelan on a Budget

by | Jul 20, 2022 | Travel

Woman traveling to Lake Chelan with cash on hand

Whether you’re in school, backpacking, or just planning a trip to Lake Chelan with the family, you might be operating a fixed budget.

And why wouldn’t you want to budget a trip? It enables you to better plan your travels, be more responsible with finances, and leaves the door open for many more possibilities.

To make your next vacation financially sound, here are a few recommendations on how to visit Lake Chelan on a budget.

1. Saving on Travel

Airplane taking off to visit Lake Chelan

While planning a trip, chances are good that traveling by plane will be a huge part of your vacation. Unfortunately, this will most likely represent the biggest part of your vacation budget. However, there are ways to save when traveling to Lake Chelan.

Book Flights in Advance

Reserving your flight at least four months in advance is a great way to find much more affordable flights. Also, keep in mind the time of year you’re planning your vacation. For instance, flights tend to be more expensive during holidays, but can still be much more affordable by booking in advance.

Take Advantage of Travel Websites

Keep an eye out for those sites that may provide cheaper options for flights. Here are some flight sites to check out for affordable travel.

(Note: Be sure to delete all cookies on your computer before searching for cheaper flights. Platforms can use the cookies on your computer to provide you with the most expensive flight first.)

Check Frequently

Frequently checking for flights is a great way to pick up the cheapest airfare. If you are disappointed at first, you may be surprised to see the price of your flight to Lake Chelan has gotten cheaper. Stay persistent!

Drive to Lake Chelan

Though gas prices are high when writing this blog post, you can save money by commuting to Lake Chelan (especially if you’re coming from the Pacific Northwest). This is especially true if you’re traveling with a large group of friends or family. You can split the cost of gas instead of paying for a plane ticket for each person!

2. Travel with Cash on Hand

Beautiful sunset on Lake Chelan

Having cash readily available during a vacation may seem like a no-brainer. However, it can also help you stay within budget.

For instance, with gas prices at an all-time high due to inflation, paying for your next gas fill-up in cash saves you a bit of money compared to paying for it with a credit card! 

Take this scenario: A gas station says, “Regular Gas: $5.38 per gallon,” but when you go to fill up, the price increases by 10 to 15 cents. That’s because you’re using a credit card to pay for it. Sometimes, you can save 35 cents by not being charged for your credit card!

The same concept can apply to many things you pay for with a credit card. Some places you visit, eat, and shop can charge you extra just to use your credit card to pay for things. 35-50 cent charges may not seem like a lot, but they can add up by the end of your trip! 

Cash on hand means you won’t be at the mercy of ATM usage fees. ATMs can charge up to $10 to pull money out. So save time and money by pulling cash before heading out on vacation.

3. Plan Your Itinerary

Person writing out their itinerary for their vacation to Lake Chelan

Having a budget in mind when looking at all the great places to eat, fun spots to visit, and adventurous activities to participate in is a great way to ensure you do not go over budget.

For instance, let’s say you don’t want to exceed spending $500 on food for a weekend trip to Lake Chelan. Use half of your $500 towards eating out a few nights and then save funds by purchasing groceries and preparing meals during your stay at The Lodge. We have a beautiful pavilion area that comes equipped with BBQ grills, has a lovely firepit, and we offer “grilling kits” so you don’t even need to pack cooking amenities.  There’s also a grassy area with “giant” toys to enjoy, and a pool with a jacuzzi to relax in after your meal.

4. Lodging Deals and Specials

Mountain View Lodge and Resort in Manson

You can budget your vacation by reserving a room at The Lodge and utilizing our specials and packages. In addition, we’re within walking distance of so many fun wineries, restaurants, and the lake. You can simply park and walk!  So, needless to say, you won’t need to fill up your tank too much when exploring Downtown Manson on foot!