5 Ways to Get Extreme in Lake Chelan

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Things to Do

Dock overlooking Lake Chelan

Looking to feel the thrill and finally do that daring activity you’ve been trying to do for a long time? Are you looking to shake things up and do something extreme during your next trip to Lake Chelan?

We’re here to show you a side to Lake Chelan that will blow your hair back and keep you holding on to the edge of your seat.

So be sure to reserve your room at The Lodge because you don’t want to miss a second of these amazing adventures.

Now it’s time to buckle up and get ready for five ways to get extreme in Lake Chelan during your next trip!

1. White Water Rafting

Group of people extreme white water rafting in Washington

It’s no surprise that Lake Chelan and surrounding areas have fast-paced rivers filled with roaring rapids just waiting for you to grab an oar and ride. 

One spot to have an extreme adventure like never before is white water rafting down the Methow River, located in the Methow Valley, northeast of Chelan.

One of the most convenient ways to hit up the rapids and get the most of your experience is by visiting Methow Rafting and taking a guided tour. Depending on how extreme you want, the guided rafting tour has different sections of the river mapped out for your preference. Enjoy the smooth scenic drift of the class II section of the river if you prefer or the exhilarating white water section of class IV.

Regardless, you’ll enjoy every minute of this thrilling adventure!

2. Helicopter Tour

A yellow colors Lake Chelan helicopter sitting on a grassy spot overlooking the mountains

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to soar through the sky and capture a bird’s eye view of Lake Chelan and all its beauty? We hope you enjoy heights because next up on our list of ways to get extreme in Lake Chelan is by taking a helicopter tour.

Lake Chelan Helicopters helps you arrange a helicopter flight to tour different parts of the surrounding area. Get an amazing view of the crystal blue lake water, all the wineries and vineyards, the beautiful green valleys, and the stunning views of all the surrounding mountains as you whizz through the clouds. 

3. SkyDiving

People skydiving over Lake Chelan during a clear sky day

If you thought white water rafting and flying around in helicopters wasn’t extreme enough, wait till you try skydiving! This is your chance to glide through the clouds over Lake Chelan as your parachute brings you back to Earth.

Located just 20 minutes from The Lodge is Skydive Chelan, where they offer the opportunity to tandem skydive, become a licensed skydiver, single skydiving for licensed jumpers, and a chance to skydive and land in one of the local wineries just in time to grab a tasting! 

Now how’s that for extreme?

4. Hit the Waves

Slidewaters wave pool with a person surfing it

Who’d have thought you’d be able to surf waves in Lake Chelan. You’re probably thinking to yourself now, “Hey, wait a minute; there are no waves in Lake Chelan!”

That just makes this next recommendation that much more of a treat for us to reveal to you!

Rip on down to Slidewaters Water Park, located just 18 minutes away from The Lodge, where they have a stationary wave at the Lakeside Surf just waiting for you to get gnarly on. This world-class facility caters to all skill levels so that you can choose your surfing adventure!

5. Parasailing

Two people tandem parasailing on the water of Lake Chelan during the day

What better way to enjoy the gorgeous sunny weather than parasailing over Lake Chelan?

Head to Chelan Parasail & Watersports to experience Lake Chelan like never before. Wave to your friends and family from the sky as you’re pulled behind a boat over the beautiful blue waters.

Get Extreme During Your Next Vacation

Woman helping a man check in at Mountain View Lodge and Resort at the front desk

Hopefully, these recommendations will help you get extreme on your next vacation in Lake Chelan. 

With the summer weather arriving, there’s no better time than now to plan your extreme getaway while the sun is shining!

Take a trip to Washington’s little slice of paradise and unleash that daredevil in you. As you make your way around town to experience these amazing spots during your next trip, stay with us at Mountain View Lodge & Resort by reserving online or by calling (509) 687-9505.