Newest Member of the MVL Family: Trysten Miles

by | Apr 30, 2022 | Staff

Trysten Miles waving his hand

I believe that great people are what makes a business successful. At The Lodge, we’re grateful to have a team that helps the day-to-day operations run smoothly while sharing the passion for hospitality! This is what makes the MVL family special. The people that I get to work with every day positively affect our guests and me. 

One of the things we love doing here at Mountain View Lodge is highlighting our employees and all they do to make this place magical. So with that said, I’d like to introduce the newest member of the MVL family, Trysten Miles.

A Little Bit About Trysten

Trysten is 21 years old and has been here in lovely Lake Chelan since five years old. Chelan has a special place in Trysten’s heart. He loves the outdoors and thoroughly believes that there is a lesson in everything he does. 

Trysten’s hobbies include reading, motorcycles, and video games. However, Trysten has a special interest in the financial sector. Specifically, he loves stock trading and long-term investments. This passion drives him to continuously seek new sources of knowledge that feed into his desire to become a successful entrepreneur.

Currently, Trysten has been taking his passion for stock trading and investments to a whole new level by creating informative YouTube videos in hopes of helping his viewers to become more successful within the stock market. He eventually wants to expand his channel to show his personal side by vlogging while he rides his motorcycle. 

Working with Trysten

Kim and Trysten standing at the front desk

“One of the things I love about working here at Mountain View Lodge is the work environment! Everyone is so friendly and willing to teach me new things whenever I need it!” says Trysten.

Trysten started working with the MVL family on January 19, 2022, and has been a joy to work with ever since. In fact, during your next visit to the Lodge, you can look forward to checking in with Trysten at the front desk and experiencing his radiant smile and friendly presence.

I love that Trysten gets excited about meeting new people whenever they come to stay with us. One of his favorite things about working here is connecting with the travelers and seeing them come back and stay with us again. It’s great to witness his progress: I’ve already seen Trysten improve his customer experience skills and become more in tune with the emotional state of our guests during his short time with us so far.

Trysten Miles presenting a hand shake

I’m so proud of Trysten for picking up his role so quickly and for being such a welcoming presence for our guests that stay at the Lodge.

Thank you, Trysten, for being an excellent member of the MVL family!

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