Spring Walks Along the Beaches of Lake Chelan

by | Feb 24, 2022 | Things to Do

People walking along the lake chelan shore during spring

Springtime is incredibly peaceful here in Lake Chelan Valley!

It’s a beautiful time of the year when birds start chirping again, and flowers begin to bloom. It is also the time of year when our beaches are exposed because the water has been let out of the dam in preparation for spring thaw. This makes for the perfect conditions to take long walks along the beaches of Lake Chelan as you enjoy the stunning surroundings and glorious views of the mountains. Most people come during summer and fill up the remaining beaches quickly after the lake fills again, so spring is great for those who like to spend some quiet time by the lake’s shores.

Kenna at the beach

Here are a few of our favorite beach walks during the spring season!

Manson Bay

Manson Bay is first on our list of favorite spots to take a nice walk. But, of course, our favorite thing about this location is that it’s within walking distance from the Lodge!

Plus, it’s located in Downton Manson, next to all the great restaurants and businesses. Walk to grab some great food at one of the local restaurants in town, then take a beautiful stroll along Manson Bay’s beach. You can even set up a fun picnic!

One of the attractive features of this beach is that it’s dog-friendly. There’s a fenced area located right on the shoreline where you can bring your dog(s) along to play in the water and enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

Don Morse Park

Don Morse Park is another excellent place to take a leisurely walk. Although this park is a hot spot for tourism during Memorial Day weekend, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a long peaceful walk during the spring. 

One thing that we enjoy is that it’s pet-friendly up until Memorial Day weekend. So now is the perfect time to enjoy the open green, perfect spring weather, and empty beaches with your pets before Memorial day weekend.

Chelan Riverwalk Park

Chelan river walk

Riverwalk Park is another beautiful walking destination in downtown Chelan. The wonderful walking area and views of where the Columbia River meets Lake Chelan are so charming and quaint. In addition, there’s a grassy area for picnics or sunbathing. We love to get lunch from Riverwalk Cafe and take it to the park for a Sunday picnic. 

Since it is located in Downtown Chelan, there are plenty of opportunities to walk and explore the businesses and other restaurants, too!

Springtime at The Lodge

Mountain View Lodge and Resort in Manson

There are many great things to do at Lake Chelan during the Spring season, including Taste Chelan and the Lake Chelan Wine & Jazz Festival. But if you’re in the mood for some quiet time, walking around and exploring is one of the best ways to slow down and take in everything that this beautiful location has to offer. So take advantage of the crisp weather and calmness this spring and add these great locations to your list of spots to walk to. If you’d like to learn more from a local’s perspective on the best spots to walk to, give us a call. Be sure to ask about our specials and snag a room at The Lodge to set up your perfect spring getaway.