Meet Shai Creates: Newest Members of the Mountain View Family

by | Jan 18, 2022 | Marketing

Shaimoom and Kelsey of Shai Creates

Happy January to everyone! It has undoubtedly been a marvelous start to another beautiful new year in Lake Chelan.

So far, 2022 has been filled with new opportunities, new friends, new memories, and new horizons ahead. Speaking of new friends, I want to take this opportunity to introduce Shai Creates, the newest members of the MVLR family! 

How Shai Creates Became Part of the MVLR Family

Shaimoom and Kelsey Newaz own and operate a local design and marketing studio called Shai Creates.

I first worked with them closely on Haunted Manson in 2021, when October in Manson was taken to a whole new level. They took my vision of haunted houses, scarecrow contests, costume contests, haunted hayrides, graveyards…the works, and turned it into a memorable brand and website! Haunted Manson was a huge success for our community and working with them to achieve it was so seamless.

I felt supported, too, because they helped as volunteers at the Haunted House for five weekends in October!

Kelsey dressed as a troll at the haunted house

Before Haunted Manson, Kelsey and Shaimoom created Rotten Apple, an events production company putting on comedy shows in Lake Chelan. Another reason we get along so well is they share a passion for comedy and making people laugh! Gerry and I have taken family and friends to their comedy shows and they’ve been a blast!

Shai on the Rotten Apple stage

Getting to know them personally has given me a deeper understanding of why they’re so motivated and passionate about what they do.

Not only do we work diligently together, we’ve broken bread. At their home in Downtown Chelan, Shaimoom cooked a fabulous steak and Kelsey a delicious baked potato, for me and Gerry. We had such a great time sharing stories and learning more about each other over great food and local wine!

Two prime New York Strip steaks cooked by Shai

A Little Bit of History

Behind every business, there’s a fascinating story waiting to be told. The roots of Shaimoom and Kelsey’s story speak volumes about them as individuals and the lengths they’ve been able to take their business so far. 

Before starting Shai Creates, Shaimoom spent over two decades shaping his career as a designer, coder, and marketing guru at a software company. When Shaimoom was not at the office, he moonlit as a consultant, designing websites, coding, rebooting brands, and developing business strategies. 

During this time, Kelsey grew her sales and brand management career in the Los Angeles fashion industry. Through this path, Kelsey developed a passion for helping designers curate and scale their brands.

She loved traveling and working closely with fashion designers! It gave her the chance to personally get to know them and obtain a first-hand look into fashion and trends. In addition, she helped designers select unique clothing that would find retail success in the market. 

After years of working career jobs, Shaimoom joined forces with Kelsey, his wife, and business partner to pursue entrepreneurship. They combined their talents and connections and put their creative minds into action with both Rotten Apple and Shai Creates!

Working with Shai Creates

Shai and Kim at Winterfest 2022

My experience with the Shai Creates team on Haunted Manson went so well, I knew I wanted to continue working with them. I asked them to join the Mountain View Lodge & Resort team and help us achieve our goals through their passion for helping businesses thrive.

“Shai Creates means so much to us. It’s our love letter to the community!”

– Kelsey Newaz

The new year has started off in such a spectacular way that it gets me excited for what’s on the horizon. I am able to go share my vision of the Lodge with them and gain momentum in making these visions come true.

Be on the lookout for new specials that we’ve come up with together. Perhaps you’ll see Kelsey and Shai at the Lodge — they’re often here during company brainstorms and sharing some laughs with me, Gerry, and the rest of the MVLR family. Thank you to the team over at Shai Creates for everything that you do! Visit their website, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to see what they’re up to!