4 Exciting Ways to Experience Apples in Lake Chelan

by | Dec 13, 2021 | Food, Food for thought

Close up of a bunch of red apples

Few things are more satisfying than taking your first bite of an apple and experiencing that initial crunch and flavor as you enter into a world of deliciousness. This is especially true for apples that grow in the Lake Chelan Valley.

Nestled on the Eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains, Lake Chelan is the home of an ideal agricultural climate to grow such delectable apples. So much that Lake Chelan growers have produced apples every season now for over a century. Even today, family-owned orchards continue to operate and grow world-renowned apples for many uses every year. 

With the large variety of uses, types, and flavors to choose from, it’s no wonder why apples have become one of the world’s most sought after and consumed fruits. But have you thought about some of the most enjoyable ways to experience apples? Let’s go over a few of our favorite ways here at The Lodge.

1. Apple Cider

An open sack of apples sitting next to mason jars full of apple cider

Although local farmers have been growing and harvesting apples around Lake Chelan for some time, using them to produce apple and hard cider has been relatively new to the region.

This craft has been growing rapidly and will continue to evolve as specialty cider apples, and heirloom varieties become more plentiful. In addition, winemakers around the valley have taken the concept behind making wine and utilized it to create regular and hard cider with a variety of unique, award-winning flavors.

One notable hard cider is the Apple Pie by Washington Gold Cider. Located at Lake Chelan Winery in Manson, this cidery has been producing revered hard ciders since 2016 and is just getting started!

2. Apple Pies & Apple Crisps

Warm apple pie sitting on a table with a slice cut out

When you think of apples, it’s hard not to daydream about warm, flaky, delicious apple pie or apple crisp being pulled fresh from an oven as the aroma of cinnamon, caramel, and apples fill the air. So if you need a moment now to run to your local bakery, it’s okay. We’ll be here when you get back!

Restaurants surrounding Lake Chelan have refined their craft of baking apples. Be sure to try them during your next visit here! When you’re staying at Mountain View Lodge, head over to Lake Chelan Artisan Bakery for apple pie made from seasonal ingredients from surrounding farms and orchards or try Apple Cup Cafe and taste their homemade apple crisp.

3. Apple Orchards

Green and red apples hanging from the branches of trees in an orchard

One of the best parts about Manson is that it’s located in the heart of apple country and is home to many apple orchards with stunning views of the region’s mountains and lakes.

Thirty-three percent of the apples grown from these orchards are exported to markets worldwide. As a result, apple farmers here take great pride in their orchards! Many farmers even invite visitors to take tours up and down the rows of orchards to witness the spectacle of apples hanging from the trees during harvest season. It’s quite a view to see no matter what the season and makes for great photo opportunities. Plus, who wouldn’t want to bite into a delicious ripe apple straight from the tree?

4. Apple Picking

People picking apples from trees in a Lake Chelan orchard

Apple picking is certainly a family favorite here in Lake Chelan. Each farmer has a wonderful story behind the history of their orchard. In addition to providing apple tours, farmers host apple picking events where they teach the differences between the varieties of apples they grow, how they harvest, the numerous ways they use them, and the best ways to enjoy an apple. Stop by Rootwood Cider to learn about these farmers’ approach to apple-growing and the future of agriculture here in the valley!

It’s such a joyous and nostalgic feeling to be one with the season while searching through the orchards for the perfect apples to pick. It’s like being in a fairy tale as you continuously explore the farms while surrounded by juicy treasures hanging from the trees. The fun doesn’t just stop with apple picking either! Along with apple orchards, many of the farms in Lake Chelan also host a variety of other fruit picking adventures, such as olives, pumpkins, blueberries, and flowers. Be sure to check out Chelan Valley Farms or Anthia of Chelan to learn more about what this unique landscape has to offer! 

Add Apples to Your Holiday

There are so many wonderful apple experiences, along with festive events, like the over 100-year-old beloved Apple Blossom Festival, to be had around Lake Chelan all year long. If you’d like to learn more about all the seasonal activities, give us a call. Be sure to ask about our specials and snag a room at The Lodge to set up your perfect home away from home while it’s ripe for the picking! Now that we’ve shared some of our favorite ways to experience apples, we’d love to hear about some of your favorite experiences. It could be anything from your favorite apple recipe to your most memorable apple orchard visit. We want to hear about it on our Instagram or Facebook pages! Be sure to tag us on your next adventure!