Matt’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

by | Sep 3, 2021 | Food

For many years, guests at Mountain View Lodge have enjoyed Uncle Dave’s famous chocolate chip cookies served fresh every evening during their stay. Finally, after an 18-month hiatus due to the covid-19 pandemic, our special chocolate chip cookies are making a comeback. Just like you, we could not be more thrilled!!

After receiving many requests from our “Family” during check in, and a multitude of responses on our annual guest survey. We had to figure out a way to bring back those wonderful little cookies we all have come to love in a safe manner for everyone to enjoy. Traditionally we always put out a plate of cookies out with the apples at night.  It’s clear that it was time to think outside of the box and we have decided to individually wrap them to ensure both the freshness of the cookie and care for the sanitary needs of our guests. Each night we will be putting out our cookies promptly at 7PM.

Although we really miss Uncle Dave being here, it might be time to give our own Matt credit where credit is due and change the name to Matt’s Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Afterall, it is him returning these delicious treats to our guests!  When you munch that yummy cookie, think of Uncle Dave and thank Matt!  What do you think?  I think it sounds great!

We want you all to know how much we appreciate all your feedback.  We take careful consideration of all your requests and continue to look for ways to improve your stay here at your “other home,” Mountain View Lodge at Lake Chelan!