A Great Little Place for Breakfast

by | Aug 3, 2021 | Food

Have you tried Rio Vista at the Cabin for BREAKFAST?  Mountain View Lodge & Resort does a great job getting their guests going in the morning, but if you’d like something a little heartier, pop just across the street!  Open DAILY from 7am until 12pm (when they get ready to transform into a luscious wine tasting room!) they are serving homemade goodies that will get your engine revving to go.

Gerry and I went over on Sunday and had the ham and cheese quiche, the double biscuits and gravy, and two yummy coffee drinks.  Everything here is “homemade!”  I’m going to say it, yes, just like Grandma would have done.

Seriously, the quiche was creamy with cheeses, ham, and onions all mixed into the eggs, and gently seasoned with a perfect thin crust.  It was a healthy slice and served with an orange wedge.  We shared it but I must admit, I scraped the plate clean!  A perfect blend of flavors and protein while low on the carb scale; my favorite!

Gerry ordered the double biscuits and gravy, and we were totally surprised.  The huge biscuits were the type that are hand mixed and dropped onto the baking sheet before putting in the oven.  Nope, no store-bought biscuit here!  And the generous helping of gravy was packed with sausage and made from a handmade roux right there!  Although, this type of higher carb meal is suited perfectly for Gerry, again I must admit that I helped myself to my share!  It was delicious!

I had the Valencia Mocha and Ger had his usual, the Caramel Macchiato.  The coffee drinks included homemade syrups, as well.  Do you notice a theme here?  There are no preservatives or artificial ingredients in anything they make at The Cabin.  Just homemade goodness!

Owner Kelsey Chavez has handpicked her menu of deliciousness carefully and with very high standards.  Her warm and welcoming staff will take excellent care of you.   You’ll get a seriously healthy and filling, homemade meal that will have you scraping your plate instead of the bottom of your purse.

When you’re rolling through Manson, or if you’re staying for a bit, this is the place to hit up morning or evening!