Lake Chelan in July – Secrets!

by | Jun 29, 2021 | Things to Do

July is almost everyone’s favorite month in the Lake Chelan valley. Between the hot days at the beach, sipping wine in the breeze, and the warm starry nights; there is just something free and magical about the month of July. I decided to ask some of our staff their favorite activities during the month of July, and this is what they had to say.

Kim’s favorite July activities are: Listening to LIVE music, drinking crisp, cold white wine, making friends everywhere I go, playing in the pool with my family, stargazing late into the night, and, DEFINITELY, being in that sweet, clean and clear Lake Chelan water!

Alissa’s Favorite July activities are: Renting jet ski’s and playing on the lake.

Shannon’s Favorite July activities are: Watching the fireworks off the bay and being able to camp under the stars since it’s so warm at night!

Michael’s favorite July activities are: Boating and camping at Mitchell Creek and cliff jumping with my family!

Yolanda’s favorite July activities are: Spending time with my family and drinking tequila!

Maria’s favorite July activities are: Family BBQ’s and spending my days at the beach!

Matt’s favorite July activities are: Boating with my kid’s and spending time at the beach, BBQing great food for the family, and hanging out with our Poker Run Family at The Lodge!

Gerry’s favorite July activities are: Watching the fireworks, going up to echo ridge and listening to live music!

Now that you know some of our families’ favorite things to do in July, we want to hear some of yours. Next time you’re here, stop in and share your story with us!

Photo Credit: Cascade Loop