Meet the NEW Family

by | Jun 2, 2021 | Staff

We are proud to introduce many new MVLR Staff this month!  Left to Right, Rochelle, Amelia and Celeste will all be new and bright faces waiting to greet you at the Front Desk and on the phone. We call them Team 21!

Rochelle Paszkeicz-Schuh comes to us from Odessa, WA.  She’s sweet and smart, she loves fishing with her boyfriend, and her dog and cat are her best friends.  You’ll see her here on Saturday and Sunday nights and she’ll be on the phones from home supporting Maria and Matt during the week.  Please, take good care of her on those crazy Saturday nights, you guys!

Amelia Ramirez calls Chelan Falls her home.  She’s a family girl; her hubby and her three kids are top priority.  She loves family barbeques and wants to go sky diving and visit Brazil.  You’ll see her here on Sunday and Monday mornings where she’ll be rotating with Celeste at the Front Desk and supporting our awesome housekeeping staff with some laundry and folding so that everything is just perfect for your arrival!  You’ll also find her doing some phone support and maybe even helping me with bookkeeping.  By the way, does she look familiar to you?  She should!  She’s the 3rd member of her own family to join us as part of the MVLR Family.

Celeste Garcia Ruiz lives right here in Manson.  This girl is a go-getter who loves the outdoors!  Currently, she’s attending Central Washington University working towards her degree in Social Work… AND serving at Marcella’s in Chelan… AND you’ll find her here at the Front Desk on Sunday and Monday mornings, yes rotating with Amelia, and on the phones from home in her spare time.  Whew! 

Rochelle will be taking Michael’s place on Saturday nights so that his time is fully supporting Gerry in the Maintenance Department, and Shannon’s place on Sunday nights so that she can watch her college kids play in all their sporting events.

Both Amelia and Celeste will be taking Alissa’ place so that she can spend time with her brand-new baby boy, Holden, and her Princess Kenna.  Maternity leave will take Alissa away for a bit but I don’t think she’ll stay away for long.  Of course, Celeste and Amelia will be a HUGE support to our housekeeping team and have each other to help out on our busy mornings.

Please give them all a warm welcome when you see them.  We are so fortunate to have found them and think you’ll love them!