Monsters in Manson Rat Rod Show

by | May 4, 2021 | Things to Do

Since 2016, The Manson Rat Rod show has been an annual May tradition in the local community. Every year around 30-40 custom cars of all shapes and sizes line the streets of downtown Manson celebrating the art of Rat Rod car building. Wait! What’s a Rat Rod, you ask? A fun article in quotes Scotty Gosson, author of the book Rat Rods: Rodding’s Imperfect Stepchildren, as saying, ” As a response to the high-dollar billet-based street rod trend, budget-limited home-based rod builders looked to the past for inspiration and style, and rat rods were the result. These ‘imperfectly fine’ rods rarely sport paint jobs of any kind, and their owners aren’t scared to drive them. They represent a rebellious attitude, but never take anything too seriously either.”

Anyway, last year’s Manson Rat Rod Show was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but several die-hard builders ended up coming out anyway for the adventure and fun activities surrounding Lake Chelan, Manson and Mountain View Lodge.

This year, the show is back bigger and better than ever. With an expected turnout of around 70 cars and the prizes bigger and better, too, this year’s show should be one for the books! The Pre-Show Party kicks off late Friday afternoon, May 14th at Winegirl Wines continuing into the night, and the show starts the following morning with cars lining the street in downtown Manson.

After the show, there will be a parade lap around the Manson Scenic Loop led by Gerry Ustanik in their ‘46 Willy’s Jeep.  The Loop covers a 10-mile cruise around the picturesque, viticultural community of Manson nestled between orchards, vineyards and all FOUR lakes of the Lake Chelan valley and back through downtown Manson. After the Scenic Loop cruise, there will be a complimentary BBQ at Mountain View Lodge for all registered guests staying at The Lodge!

For more information regarding the Manson Rat Rod show, or how to register for the show visit…/manson-rat-rod-show-manson-may-803299. You can also register at the Pre-Show party on May 14th at Winegirl Wines across the street from Mountain View Lodge in downtown Manson.