Breakfast is BAAACK!!!!!

by | May 4, 2021 | Amenities

Last summer was to be the first that Mountain View Lodge & Resort provided breakfast to our guests in the summer season.  But, that darn COVID issue happened.  Everyone still got breakfast in the 2020 style “Grab N Go” form.  A pastry, a box of 100% juice, a bottle of water, an orange, a napkin… and of course, a Kiss (Hershey’s that is!).  Coffee in the room.  It was good.  It was fine for a starter, considering the current state of society. 

Finally, it’s time for hot waffles again; woohoo!  We’ve been moving things around a little, creating a little more space and stocking the shelves again.  Certainly, we will be following safety guidelines… but doesn’t that hotel experience of pouring your own waffle and drowning it in syrup sound wonderful?!  You might prefer a bowl of oatmeal or some cold cereal with milk on it?  I like to put butter and peanut butter on my waffles?  Maybe you’re just a toast and coffee person; that’s okay!  How about an apple fresh from Manson growers and your choice of a great variety of tea or cocoa in the lobby?

Cold Continental + Waffles starts up again on Saturday, May 8th just in time for Apple Blossom.  And, yes, we will be going all through the year now!