Memorial Day Weekend

by | Apr 2, 2021 | Food for thought

Memorial Day Weekend… an American reason to get outside, right?  Well, yes.  But it’s much more than that!  It’s a time for us to take moment to feel; to feel proud; to appreciate.  Memorial Day is an American holiday honoring the men and women who died while serving in the United States military. To honor their sacrifice given in the name of US.  Yes, us as in you and me. Something that should never be forgotten and deserves a moment (if not many more) of reflection and thanks.  It is a stark reminder that while freedom does not come without a cost; it is truly priceless! How will you be spending your time while taking this moment?

Since Memorial Day Weekend also, unofficially, marks the beginning of the summer season we couldn’t think of a better way to enjoy our freedom than spending the summer days around Lake Chelan and nights here at The Lodge.  Taking those moments to give thanks and ponder just how lucky we are while observing the beauty of our surroundings?  Yes, that’s what we have to offer here.  Walking the beach with family or hand in hand with a special loved one, hiking to the top of a hill or a mountain and sitting in wonder, playing yard games while the kids splash in the pool and Dad barbeques his specialty on the grill, sitting around the fire pit with a lovely bottle of local wine with friends; folks we haven’t spent time with in a long while, making new friends at a quaint local winery or cidery, taking that cleansing and heart-racing first plunge of the year into the lake… oh, it makes my mind wander and be GRATEFUL.

The majestic crystal-clear glacier fed waters of Lake Chelan, the picturesque and awe-inspiring mountain landscape surrounding it, the friendly people who live on its shores, and world class artisan wines and delicious apples grown from the fertile soil are where we choose to spend our time giving thanks for our freedom. A place to bring us a little closer to our Creator; our own little slice of paradise unlike anywhere else in the world is where we choose to spend that time.

Can you see it yet?  Can you feel it?  Sunshine, blue skies and clear water, green hills, flowering apple blossoms; I can.  Lake Chelan, Mountain View Lodge, Lake Chelan’s Northshore… see you there.