Room Upgrades Update

by | Jan 28, 2021 | Amenities

 Room Renovation 2021 – UPDATE

As we’ve always said, “we’ll take excellent care of YOUR property while you’re away!”  MVLR Family will see some fun, new, custom touches to the rooms you know and love.  The Queen Kitchenette, the Family Kitchenette, the Deluxe Kitchenette and all the downstairs rooms – EXCEPT the Hotel Impossible Suite, of course – are undergoing their long-awaited face-lifts.  Feeling young and beautiful again is just a moment away!

Currently, we are renovating two rooms at a time, with an additional room being storage for the old items that are staying and for the new items awaiting their debut.  All of the rooms are getting a fresh coat of paint, super cleaned top to bottom, and cabinets, doors and any other wood items refinished or replaced.  And don’t you know it?  We are doing as much of the work as possible.  Creating jobs, keeping our staff working, learning something new AND having fun together… well, that’s what we’re all about, right?!

Gerry’s taking a fast-track to retirement by hurting his finger which is creating a need for surgery and not using it for about 6 more months so, you can bet he and that index finger are doing a LOT of fine direction and keeping everyone on track!  Me, our daughter Alissa, our son Kelly, daughter-in-law Heather, Michael, Maria and John are all doing the painting, staining and refinishing.  The guys are doing all the heavy lifting (and some of this is REALLY heavy!).  Our lovely and super-efficient Housekeepers, Maria and Yolanda, are “cleaning” up all the pieces and putting everything back together for you just perfectly.  And design fun is being brought to you by Me and Alissa.  And, of course, Matt, Maria and Shannon are keeping a close eye on reservations and customer care while we’re all around and about.

We are just finishing the Fenton & Lopeman Suite (Room 22), the super cute room 20 (better ask about that one!), our elegant Room 50 with the balcony (Coconuts!), and the Smith Fishing Hangout (Room 49) and we think our MVLR Family old and new are going to love the changes! 

Enjoy the pictures for now and we’ll keep you informed as we progress.  We can’t wait to see you soon!