Room Upgrades

by | Jan 6, 2021 | Amenities

Room UPGRADES coming your way! AGAIN!

If you’ve stayed at Mountain View Lodge & Resort more than once over the years, you’ve become accustomed to finding something new and interesting, somewhere on the property, every time you visit.  The philosophy of our family run business, is that you feel this is also YOUR home at the Lake.  We believe that it is our job to take excellent care of the property while you’re away.  We want to make sure you feel that you’ve always made a smart investment for your hard-earned dollars.  And we always want to create the opportunity for new memories to be made.  That means we can’t just sit around on our laurels and hoard your money; we’ve got to get to work!  So, happily, we do.  

In November, you may have heard, we upgraded the TV’s in all our rooms from 27” to 54” 4K Ultra HDTV’s and you can access your own Netflix account on them.  Gosh, technology is screaming into the future and this means that to fully take advantage of these super cool new TV’s, internet access needed to be upgraded on the entire property.  We continue to work on that project.  We also made it possible to provide FIRST RUN movies and turn your room into your own private movie theatre!

December saw all the windows in the building replaced!  Easy to slide and energy efficient to help both your ability to open and close them (the old ones were getting pretty hard to operate!) and our bottom line.   

And NOW, it’s time for the downstairs rooms and the Kitchenettes to be renovated again!  Over the next 9 weeks you’ll see new paint, furniture, and little comforts of home take over, room by room.  You’ll see personal touches and hand-crafted work here and there; fresh and bright “lake and mountain” colors; while things will still have the warm and comfortable feel you’ve come to expect. 

And we listen when you speak.  We listen to what you like and also what you think we need to get better at. We have heard folks say they’d like tables to work or eat on, comfortable chairs to relax on, more amenities, etc., and even nothing extra but space for the family. 

Fun fact:  At MVLR we always use our own staff to do this work whenever we can! We LOVE learning (and teaching) new things.  It creates jobs and helps people keep theirs by making work.  It also feels really special!  So, there’s lots of win-win going on over here!

Be sure stop in the office or leave a kind review.  Let us know your thoughts.  Here, at home, we DO care about YOU!