Light Up The Lake

by | Dec 1, 2020 | Things to Do

The year 2020 has changed the way we do nearly everything. In a world of social distancing, holidays are being celebrated differently within the public domain giving opportunities to forge new traditions within individual communities. While some folks are closing down and moving within, here in the Lake Chelan valley we are safely embracing this opportunity with excitement, and warmly sharing our best qualities of friendship.

This year The Lake Chelan Boat Company, which you know as “The Lady of the Lake,” has something special in store for us all.  In conjunction with efforts of The Lake Chelan & Manson Chambers of Commerce, the HDCA, and the Lake Chelan Wine Valley, the Boat Company has started what we hope to be a new and exciting holiday tradition for years to come!

As part of the new Small Town Holidays month-long event, every Saturday between Thanksgiving and the New Year is a holiday light parade on the lake led by The Lady. I was lucky enough to be on its maiden voyage!

Bundle up warm and comfy, gather your family, and step onto the Lake Chelan Boat Company’s oldest vessel, The Lady of the Lake II.  The boat has been festively decorated with Christmas lights, and leads the parade of boats on a tour of lights around the lake between Chelan and Manson where it pauses to take in a glorious display of fireworks in Manson Bay before embarking on the journey back to port.

The two-hour parade of festivities would not be complete without the smooth sounds of Christmas music softly playing throughout the nearly 50-year-old vessel. Passengers enjoy complimentary hot beverages and snacks as they are whisked away on this holiday adventure that brings leaves you feeling like you’ve peacefully stepped back in time. This is a special treat perfect for all ages – from kids to Seniors alike. What a way for everyone to enjoy the holidays all month long!

I can tell you that it was worth every dollar of the small fee they charge for this wonderful experience.  The very reasonable cost for me and my girls was just $17 per adult and $10 per child and it will be a memory that will live with us for a lifetime.  Pick up your tickets online and prepare to be nostalgic!