Employee Spotlight – Michael Alcala

by | Dec 1, 2020 | Staff

Introducing MVLR’s newest employee… Michael Alcala!  Many of you may have met Michael this summer at the Front Desk.  His gentle manner and kind smile are a wonderful addition to our fabulous staff and super terrific MVLR Family of guests.  He’s always positive and lots of fun to have around, too… note the Staff Halloween Party image above!  He chose to be “Karen” and was happy to share his picture with you.

Michael has been working for Mountain View Lodge for 5 months.  He accepted his job on a temporary basis but has been such a great match with us that his job is not only becoming permanent, but he is in the process of changing roles.  He is currently in training with Gerry to take his place as Maintenance Manager.  Michael’s customer service skills are excellent AND he comes with management abilities. He is a resourceful, flexible, and creative guy.  We are thrilled to have him join the team!

Michael is a proud graduate of Manson High School.  He has a lovely wife, Sarah, and two very polite and well-mannered kids.  Outside of work, he enjoys making music, spending time with his family and he’s a big car enthusiast.  His favorite place to eat is the Taco Truck right here in Manson.

His secret “Must See” for you?  Cliff jumping up by Mitchell Creek Campground, of course!

When you speak with Michael or see him around the property, be sure to welcome him to the Family!