Creative Ways to Travel

by | Dec 1, 2020 | Travel

The preferred way to travel in the crazy year of 2020, with our pal COVID-19 on the scene, has shown to be by car.  Of course, you can control your own environment this way.  From the cleanliness, to the destination, to who is near you… it’s all in your control.

BUT, the ability for businesses to be open and whether or not there are things for you to do in your own community, let alone your destination, seems to be totally in the Governor’s hands.  And we certainly don’t know what our government will choose to do next.  So, HOW do you maneuver costs, and possible cancellations, and just, well, NOT KNOWING?  There are some really great deals out there to be had. Everyone wants your business, right?  And you certainly want to support those businesses you love.  But, it would be nice for you to get something out of it instead of just making “donations.”  Really, if you wanted to go to a casino, you’d just do it.  Am I on track?  Pretty sure I am.

Well, this writer’s choice would be to get a VOUCHER or GIFT CERTIFICATE if you possibly can!  I am talking Washington State here, of course, but did you know that when you PURCHASE of voucher or gift certificate in Washington State… it cannot expire.  There MAY be a date where you are not able to get the promotional items any longer, but the business where the certificate or voucher are purchased must provide you their product.  It just means that those dollars are dedicated to be spent there.  Good deal for both!

For example, Mountain View Lodge and Resort, a hotel on Lake Chelan, allows people to purchase vouchers with an experience activity during a limited period of time, where the “experience” is only available during a specific period of time.  If this voucher is not used, the “experience” goes away but the value paid for the voucher does not.  The hotel must still provide your use of that voucher in the amount paid for it.

It’s important to note that this does not apply to anything given to a charitable organization.  Don’t get this confused with an item you might buy at your child’s school auction.  If that certificate was given without any financial receipt, it can therefore lawfully contain a date that the item is no longer available.  That’s it’s expiration date.

So, folks, ask about gift certificates or vouchers.  It doesn’t hurt to ask, right?  And take advantage when they are offered by your favorite places.  Find out what the risks are of waiting to USE a certificate or voucher.  Does availability affect it?  Does time affect what might be offered? In the case of a hotel, restaurant, or other service, find out about the cancellation policies when you use your certificate or voucher to book a reservation.

And, if you’ve found a great deal like the one offered at Mountain View Lodge and Resort… PURCHASE away!