New TV’s At The Lodge

by | Nov 2, 2020 | Amenities

Over the years Mountain View Lodge has always sought out constructive feedback from our guests on how to improve their experience during their stay. People share their feelings on beds (some love one and others hate the same one!) but a bed that makes everyone happy is a hard task to accomplish.  Perhaps the other most common response we have received was that we needed to upgrade to bigger TV’s in our rooms. The phrase “ask and you shall receive” could not have been more prevalent in this particular situation. You asked and we delivered!

The past couple of weeks the maintenance team at MVL has been hard at work removing the old and outdated 27” Vizio TV’s and replacing them with 55” Ultra High Definition 4K LG Smart TVs.  That puts us AHEAD of the curve!  Guests will also have the option of checking out special remotes from the front desk that allow the user to have access to their own apps on the smart TV such as Netflix.  

Our team is constantly striving to improve the guest experience and add value with every opportunity we take. Your feedback to us is so vital to the success of our business. In other words, we could not have done it without you! Rumor has it that there are plans developing right now for all of the downstairs rooms and kitchenettes to receive a full makeover coming down the line. Stay tuned for more updates!