Lake Chelan Crush

by | Oct 5, 2020 | Food, Things to Do

Back in the day, August of 1891 actually, some wrote in the In the Chelan Falls Leader newspaper – “…fruits and berries thrive here to perfection and the conditions are highly favorable to the culture of the grape and the manufacture of wine. The time will come in the near future when all these pleasant slopes, now green with bunchgrass and scattered pines, will be covered with vineyards…”

Well, it took a little more than 100 years but Bob Christopher and Steve Kludt finally sparked attention and inspired us all when they opened the first commercial vineyard along Lake Chelan’s North Shore in 1998.  Because of our special soils and excellent taste that is produced, the Chelan and Manson area is now known as the Federally recognized Lake Chelan AVA.  Supported by the Lake Chelan Wine Alliance these many  wine grape connoisseur’s and experts are busy bring joy to everyone.  You can find out more here:  Lake Chelan Wine Valley

Today we find so many reasons to celebrate the fruition of grapes vines in the Lake Chelan Valley.  These grape growers have blessed us by keeping agriculture alive and flourishing as the nature of time has changed things in our world.  And, well, when you find your favorite variety, you have to admit that those grapes make really yummy wine… and that just feels good!

The beautiful fall season at the Lake brings about ripe fruits and vegetables which include the lovely grape.  That means it’s time to MAKE the wine!  Hooray!  And making wine starts with CRUSHing the grapes… Hence, we have a reason to celebrate!

Today there are 31 wineries in Lake Chelan that celebrate CRUSH over the first two weekends in October.  They invite you into their establishments to learn, taste, take part and enjoy this wonderful harvest season.  We invite you to come on over and take part in the fun and celebration!  Stay with us at Mountain View Lodge & Resort and make one of our favorite wines your new favorite… aw heck, we invite you to find MANY favorites!

Here is the Crush 2020 rundown for your tasting pleasure!  We hope to see you there!