A New Release Movie at MVLR

by | Oct 5, 2020 | Amenities, Things to Do

Right now, what’s needed is truly a breath of fresh air.  No politics, no pandemics, no lockdowns.  A real change of scenery.  I’ve got it; a new movie!  Something to take our minds away, to fall into a brief fantasy or someone else’s world, to explore and feel some “other” emotions. Ah, but, movie theatres are not really “allowed” right now, or maybe they’re a little scary. Darn. Time to think outside of the box!  Time to think, Virtual Cinema!

Never fear! Mountain View Lodge has that!!!

Between the dates of October 23rd and November 9th, Mountain View Lodge & Resort will be unveiling our new in-room, large-screen TV’s by hosting “The Dark Divide” Staycation Getaway!  This first run movie stars David Cross and Debra Messing and tells the story of a shy butterfly expert who embarks on a dangerous, life-changing trek through one of America’s greatest unprotected wildlands at the urging of this dying wife.

Based on the book, Where Bigfoot Walks and currently scoring a 91% on Rotten Tomatoes, the story appears to be a magnificent trek through our own “back yard” of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest and a soulful,  pleasant trek through the vulnerability of humanity and nature together.  It promises untouched scenery and cinematography, laughter, heartache and joy.  A narrative film in the realms of fiction and documentary, the cast and crew take us to places rarely touched in our own Washington State wilderness.  The trailer will have you already giggling and curious at the same time.

The film features a soundtrack by some of the county’s greatest Americana artists including the Avett Brothers, Krist Novoselic’s Giants in the Trees, Samantha Crain, The National Reserve, and many more.

Lucky movie-goers who book the limited time Getaway Package at Mountain View Lodge & Resort, MansonLake Chelan, have a great evening in store for them!  Private, in-room viewing on brand-new large-screen TV’s with their special someone, their family or even close friends; a Movie Pack of goodies; 2 Dark Divide limited edition t-shirts by renowned nature artist Jeremy Collins; a copy of Robert Michael Pyles book, Where Bigfoot Walks; your own in-room afterparty including a virtual Q&A with the cast and crew, followed by a live, virtual music performance by artists from the film. Options to add a Rio Vista Washington Wine package are also offered. AND, rates are discounted for additional nights or rooms. 

Viewing times will be scheduled, rooms will be segregated, and curfews will be set in order to allow for a full in-room experience.

Director, Tom Putnam, says “…My hope is that we can transport viewers to this amazing forest I grew up with, give them a taste of one of America’s wildest remaining places, and a hopeful reminder about the future that’s waiting for us at the end of hard times.”

Sounds like an intimate life experience to me!

*Thanks to Director, Tom Putnam, Washington The State, Cascade Loop, Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce, National Wildlife Federation, Cascade Forest Conservancy, Sierra Nevada, REI Co-op Studios and many others for making this possible!

**Links for musicians were random and may or may not be on the soundtrack.