A New Nanny In Town

by | Oct 5, 2020 | Food for thought

For many years pet owners visiting Lake Chelan had very limited options and availability for canine nanny services. Those days are now behind us!

After 11.5 years of operating in the Seattle area, Deb Krueger brought her top of the line pet nanny business to Manson to serve locals and vacationers in the Lake Chelan Valley. It’s called Canine Nanny!  With a wide variety of services ranging from hourly, full-day, and overnight boarding there is no need that can’t be met.

Your beloved pals will have a luxurious stay in a squeaky-clean climate-controlled indoor environment that keeps them comfortable and happy in any weather, and a big yard with lots of toys to play with.  Don’t let the lack of a pet sitter stop you from taking the trip to Lake Chelan that you really want to take. Deb is available from 8am to 6PM 7 days a week.  Give her a call at 509-992-8210 or visit her website at https://www.caninenannychelanmanson.com/.  In fact, even if you aren’t planning on bringing your dog, if you’re a pet lover you’re going to love her website; take a look!  It might make you change your mind!

AND, here’s a friendly suggestion to all humans traveling with their beloved canine friends: Create a special packet with all your pet’s vital information!  You can get this from your vet.  Then, you’ll always be prepared if you need to check in to a wonderful facility like Canine Nanny.