MVL Employee Spotlight-Kim Ustanik

by | Sep 1, 2020 | Staff

Mom to 4 amazing kids and Grandma to one beautiful granddaughter with tons of other “adopted” kids (along with Gerry of course!), over the years Kim has spent her lifetime caring for the people she loves. She spent her professional career working in business, finance and management as well as opening an awesome daycare where she raised her children (the green van that is always parked at the end of the lodge parking lot use to be The Kid’s place Magic School Bus). A former preschool and summer schoolteacher and constant community Volunteer Kim’s life has been filled with community service and bringing people together. Now, her family and community life is here with Mountain View Lodge and Manson.  She says she is proud to call all of us and all of you FAMILY!

1: How Long have you worked at MVLR?  Hired by my mom & brothers to take us into the future in February of 2007, I’ve been working at our family business for almost 14 years!  Whew!

2: What is one of your favorite hobbies? Only one???  How do I pick? Making people happy is my number one!!!!! Then, exercise and art of almost any type!

3: What is your Favorite place to eat in Manson?  Let’s see… Troy’s Pizza with Gerry and Timi & Dana!  Yum and fun!

4: What is one “must see’ attraction in Manson? There is so much beauty and history; it has to be the Manson Scenic Loop with narration for all it’s incredible points of interest, stories and views! Our pool from the second floor is really cool, too!!!!