Smoke on the Water BBQ The new guys in town

by | Jul 28, 2020 | Food

For many years there has been a diverse selection of amazing restaurants in Manson, and this year the diversity just keeps growing with the opening of Smoke on the Water BBQ.  Smoke on the Water is currently operating out of the Cheval Cellars building in downtown Manson and operating as a take-out only establishment due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the quality of food and warm, friendly service is second to none.

Smoke on the Water was opened this year by a former MVL Staff member and Texas native, Preston Mericle and his lovely wife, Saundra Bellamy-Mericle. They came to the Lake Chelan Valley with the dream of opening a true homestyle Texas Barbeque restaurant. This year, despite the strange times we are living in, they decided to start their new adventure and their dreams finally came true!

Preston and Saundra brought their wonderful gift of southern comfort food and hospitality to share with the locals and tourists alike. They are just a 3-minute walk from the Lodge, but eating there makes you feel like you are a thousand miles away and right at home at the same time. We strongly encourage our guests to give Smoke on the Water a shot at becoming their new favorite.

In addition to traditional items you would find at a BBQ restaurant, they have some really special choices.  Examples of their “unique” menu include smoked bologna sandwiches, pulled pork mac ‘n’ cheese with Gold Sauce, and brisket tacos.  The unique flavors of their menu are based around a selection of high-quality brisket smoked for over 16 hours to absolute perfection, as well as their pulled pork, smoked sausage, and smoked bologna. They offer these unique cuts as a sandwich, sometimes as a taco, or you can simply buy it by the pound. Their sandwiches also come with options for two homemade sauce blends. They have a sweet and tangy sauce, and they have their Gold Sauce, my personal favorite, which is a Fireball and apple butter blend that perfectly touches your taste buds and compliments their smoked brisket superbly. Smoke on the Water homestyle comfort foods include sides such as coleslaw, down home hearty baked beans, and potato salad. Saundra and Preston, and their delicious, finger lickin’ cuisine will have you feeling right at home. Don’t forget to order a glass of their homebrewed sweet tea; you won’t be disappointed!