It’s Raining Cows

by | Jun 30, 2020 | Food for thought

No.  Not raining, FALLING! Okay, well, ONE cow fell.  But how often does that happen?!  Tipping, maybe but falling?  Only once.  Here’s the story:

In 2007, a couple heading to Manson to celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary, were surprised… no shocked! When a 600-pound cow fell from the sky onto their van.  The couple were traveling on Hiway 150 on Rocky Point between Chelan and Manson when a young breeding cow apparently found itself disoriented by an ATV and fell from the top of the hill.  The couple were okay, but it was close! Sadly, the cow was not.

The news actually went GLOBAL, and some locals made a great “caution” sign that the DOT kept taking down on Rocky Point!  There was a pretty entertaining article written by the local paper which was topped off with an add for “beef for sale” right under it! Gerry and I had been big David Letterman fans and had always intended to send this “small town news” article to him, but never got around to it.  That would have been a hoot, right?!? In the meantime, the couple moved on with their lives, David Letterman quit his show, and our friends at the Lake Chelan Winery picked up on a great, fun marketing idea.  Smart folks, that Kludt family!  You can even BUY falling cow signs now!

The Lake Chelan Winery celebrates the poor old fallen cow with its annual Falling Cow Country Wine Festival.  It’s been a home-town hoe-down and fun celebration each June… for 13 years now!  Live music by the LakeBoys, DELICIOUS Barbeque in the Vineyard, yummy wines featuring their own Falling Cow Red, Falling Cow White and now even a Blushing Cow Rose are enjoyed by friends and neighbors from all over.  Cows, soft squishy ones with parachutes, are even known to be dropped out of the sky by Lake Chelan Helicopters!  Shoot.  You can get hats, shirts, stickers and other stuff, too.  All in the name of fun times, good wine, great friends and the memory of a sweet cow.

See you at the Festival; wear your cowboy boots!


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