Secret Hike

by | Jun 29, 2020 | Things to Do

Shhhh… It’s a secret!

There are many trails around Lake Chelan that lead to beautiful viewpoints, but this one is one of the least known trails in the area to tourists and one of this writers’ favorite places to go. The trip starts by traveling up Bradley street in Chelan; zig zagging up the mountain behind the Lake Chelan Community Hospital.  After passing the Chelan Fraternal Cemetery and the Lake Chelan Rodeo grounds there is a small little parking spot next to 2 concrete barriers on the left side of the road above the Chelan Rustlers Saddle Club horse ranch.

The trail is wide and well maintained and leads you up about ¾’s of a mile to a water tower that overlooks the Lake Chelan Municipal Golf Course and provides some of the most beautiful panoramic views of the Lake Chelan Valley. This trail is often frequented by horseback riders from the local club down the road so don’t be surprised to see a few riders during your trip.

Many locals also take their dogs up this trail to catch a beautiful sunset from a unique viewpoint. If you are a pet owner, you might just make a few friends along the way. Make sure to pack plenty of water and take plenty of pictures. You are going to want to remember this one of a kind view!

Note: Please be respectful of private property up in this lovely area, and bring along your bags if you bring your pet or have garbage. Thanks!