COVID-19 & MVLR – How We’ve Been Handling the Change

by | Jun 1, 2020 | Food for thought

Like everyone else in the World, 2020 has had a very rocky start to the year for Mountain View Lodge & Resort.  Certainly, financial troubles and employment issues go without saying.  But, welcoming people is what we do best and what we truly love to do, and these challenging current times have made that very difficult.

MVLR has adapted, though, and we are very happy to have the travelers that have ventured out! 

When you book a room, you find the same welcoming, friendly voices on the other end of the line, but a new messaging system has been added to the communication tools provided. This text messaging system known as Whistle allows guests and staff to easily take care of many on-site needs. From the start of their trip in their car, during their stay from their rooms or out and about, to the end of their stay for check out, we are just a text away!  And guests have given very positive feedback on this new option.

In addition to Whistle, MVLR has added limitations to the use of property amenities that allow for the security of additional “space.”  Guests are required to reserve the use of the pool/hot tub area, and the Pavilion and its amenities.  They can do this easily by contacting staff at the Front Desk in person or using Whistle.

We have been so thankful to be working with the Coffee Cabin at Rio Vista across the street for our guest’s morning start breakfast.  Of course, our family/dining room is closed but, upon arrival, guests receive vouchers for a muffin and milk or apple juice each morning of their stay.  It’s a win-win-win situation for sure!

In order to provide for both staff and guest safety and security, Housekeeping has had to adapt by not providing stay-over service during your stay. But room cleanliness is being held to the highest standards which are what guests have already come to expect from Mountain View Lodge… with some extra protocols added. We urge guests to let us know if there is ANYTHING they need so that we can provide that for them.  Again, the new Whistle messaging system has come in very handy for this type of communications.

Although gloves and a plexiglass screen are new, we remain so happy to see our guests, who we call our MVLR Family, at their arrival and during their stay.  While only one reservation is served at a time, our Lobby is open and our gift shop is ready and waiting with items guests might need or want during their stay.  New yard games for guest use are being crafted as this article is being written.

One of the best things about this whole situation has been how accepting, courteous and flexible our amazing staff and guests have been.  It’s a hard time for all of us that has been made better by folks slowing down and pitching in to do whatever can be done to protect and allow our fellow humans to interact and survive in peace. 

Most MVLR staff graciously accepted employment as we were lucky to have received a SBA PPP loan.  While we didn’t have guests at the Lodge, we were fortunate to have an agricultural project in process.  Many of you have heard of Antheia.  Our staff were excited to get out and work in the sun, help build and plant and even recreate a beautiful fish pond. Some staff learned to use tools they had never operated before and took home skills they never expected.  We shared laughs, smiles, scrapes, sore hands and dirt!  The gardens at MVLR will look amazing and we will all share delicious home grown veggies from the gardens that we created.  We have all been lucky to have each other during this time; gracious and thankful each one!

Our guests (our MVLR Family) have been so flexible and courteous in their working with our changes during their stays!  Their appreciation of the ability to simply “be” is very clear.  Who would have thought that simply moving about would be something we could be so thankful for?

Creativity, thankfulness, cooperation, and the appreciation of relationships is an outcome of this unexpected historical time that we hope lasts.  And, Mountain View Lodge & Resort will continue to adapt, and be thankful.