A New Face for the Lady of the Lake

by | Feb 20, 2020 | Things to Do, Travel

For over 100 years The Lady of the Lake has been the salient face of the 50.5-mile Lake Chelan, one of America’s premier vacation destinations located in north central Washington.  The Lady, as she is known, connects the remote villages of Stehekin and Holden with the communities of Chelan and Manson. The Lady provides residents and adventurers alike access to majestic remote places that no roads lead to. Providing the vital services of ferrying passengers, food, cargo and mail to these remote locations yields a crucial lifeline to these pristine mountain destinations. This ensures residents, businesses, and adventurers the ability to continue living their way of life, to host unique experiences, and to explore untouched beauty and wilderness.

 In January of 2019 it was announced that The Lake Chelan Boat company was sold to Chelan Valley locals, Reed Courtney and Brun Garfoot of Discover Lake Chelan. After a smooth transition, the capable new owners have set their sights high with rejuvenated growth and ambitious goals. Both Mr. Garfoot and Mr. Courtney are sharp, committed entrepreneurs. They are dedicated to the legacy of the Lady of the Lake and preserving her role in providing key logistical services to up lake communities while creating new opportunities for all residents and visitors of Lake Chelan.

 Visitors to the Lake Chelan valley will soon see an increase in custom charter experiences, as well as an overall shift in company culture with a focus on providing excellent customer service. In addition to this, the new owners have created a frequent traveler’s program for tourists, residents and workers.

 A year after purchasing the Lady of the Lake, the new owners have taken over full operations and have successfully integrated themselves with the rest of the Lake Chelan tourism team. Our community is blessed to have such capable people step up and lead this organization for the greater good of everyone on beautiful Lake Chelan. Mountain View Lodge and Resort is proud to be creatively planning with the new owners. We are working on increasing opportunities, services and value for our “MVL Family” and the community of Manson. We’ll let you know what we come up with!