We Can Whistle; Can you?

by | Jan 29, 2020 | Amenities, Technology

There are many ways in which people communicate. Some people like a warm hello or a firm handshake that brings an instant sense of trust before continuing to engage in conversation. Others would prefer a simple “to the point” message delivered instantly to make optimal use of everyone’s time.  

Mountain View Lodge continuously prides itself on delivering our warmest hellos and best handshakes to all who have stepped foot through our doors since we first opened them in 1986. Every guest that stays with us is welcomed home once again and will always be part of our growing family.

A lot has changed since we opened our doors 33 years ago, but our desire to provide the best customer service possible remains at the core of our values as an organization. In a world where the capabilities of technology are growing every day, we have decided to utilize some of this new technology. We’ve added an additional way for others to communicate with us in a way they are more comfortable with, and with some added convenience. Last month we released a new feature for our guests to use on the day of arrival, during their stay and for users visiting our website. They can ask us questions at the touch of a button using an instant message concierge service called Whistle.

Whistle is a platform that first asks users to “opt-in” before they can use the system. This  allows us the ability to respect the privacy of our guests at their request. Using artificial intelligence, we were able to program automated responses to a series of frequently asked questions to ensure that our guests were given the necessary information in a timely and preformatted way. The integration of Whistle into our customer service system has not only been effective but welcomed by many who choose to utilize its features.

We want our guests to spend more time doing the things they love and less time trying to get things done. When you are here in our home you are truly treated like family. Do you have questions or comments about our newest system? Maybe you’d just like to chat. Click the chat icon at the bottom right corner of your screen and shoot us a whistle. We will be sure to Whistle back.