100 Fun Lake Chelan Summer Activities

by | Jun 20, 2018 | Things to Do, Travel

Make it a Summer to Remember

  1. Jump into the lake
  2. Read a book in the sun
  3. Drive through the backroads, playing music with the windows down
  4. Play volleyball or baseball
  5. Stay offline for 24 hours
  6. Lay in the grass and stargaze
  7. Take a picture with the murals in downtown Chelan
  8. Go see a live performance
  9. Dangle your feet over the edge of a dock and watch the sunset
  10. Try something new
  11. Go on a winery tour
  12. Visit the waterpark, Slidewaters
  13. Grab a snow-cone
  14. Grill food with family and friends
  15. Have movie night
  16. Go wine tasting (try a wine slushy!)
  17. Rent a bicycle for a day
  18. Visit the historic Ruby Theatre (built in 1914) and see a movie
  19. Make smore’s over the firepit
  20. Go Zip Lining
  21. Take the perfect insta-worthy picture
  22. Go Geocaching
  23. Eat some homemade Blueberry Hills pie
  24. Bring scuba diving gear and explore the depths of the lake
  25. Drive up to stormy mountain
  26. Go miniature golfing
  27. Pack up a picnic lunch and visit a park
  28. Go blueberry picking
  29. Race your friends at the go-kart track
  30. Win big at the Casino
  31. Take a day trip up to Stehekin and see the waterfall
  32. Fly kites
  33. Go on an early morning hike up at Echo Ridge
  34. Take your dog swimming at the Ol’ Swimming Hole
  35. Eat some freshly sliced watermelon
  36. Rent Paddleboards from Chelan Parasail and Watersports
  37. Make and wear flower crowns
  38. Go inner tubing out on the lake
  39. Take a helicopter flight to your dinner date with Lake Chelan Helicopters
  40. Jump on massive water trampolines at Lake Chelan Water World
  41. Visit the local farmer’s markets
  42. Take a day trip up to Leavenworth to go white water rafting
  43. Do some outdoor yoga
  44. Build a blanket fort
  45. Go to the horseshoe park
  46. Rent a jet ski
  47. Make popsicles
  48. Go on an electric bike tour
  49. Get a couple’s massage
  50. Rent a boat and travel up the lake
  51. Go golfing
  52. Make a wish on a shooting star
  53. Wake up before dawn and go fishing
  54. Relax in the hot tub under the moonlight
  55. Go sing Karaoke at Sunset Bar and Grill or Buddy’s
  56. Make a stranger smile
  57. Visit the Lake Chelan Historical Museum
  58. Enjoy a refreshing bath with a bath bomb
  59. Go the Open Studio night at JUSTMAKESTUFF and create art
  60. Go to Harmony Meadows for Tennis
  61. Go to spirals for a sound bath, chakra balancing, psychic reading, and much more
  62. Float on the water with your eyes closed
  63. Eat from a food truck
  64. Go to the Don Morse Skateboard Park
  65. Get a classic burger and milkshake at the Apple Cup Café
  66. Find the local ice cream truck
  67. Blow bubbles
  68. Find the perfect souvenir to take home
  69. Take a dance class
  70. Check out toys from the front desk and play a game in the yard
  71. Do the Splash of the day (Need to ask the front desk to complete this one)
  72. Try to spot Ogopogo, the Lake Chelan lake monster
  73. Drive around Manson until you find the best view of the valley
  74. Have a family board game night
  75. Order a new flavor of soft serve from Green Dot that you’ve never had before
  76. Go Snorkeling and treasures in the lake
  77. Try cosmic bowling
  78. Eat street tacos while trying local brews at Stormy Mountain
  79. Count the turtles in the Pool
  80. Take a selfie out by the Welcome to Manson sign
  81. Collect sparkling rocks from the edge of the lake
  82. Get a temporary tattoo at Slidewaters
  83. See the top of the mountains while parasailing
  84. Spoil your best friend with a trip to the dog spa
  85. Go cliff diving
  86. Try birdwatching
  87. Take the kids to climb over the jungle gym at Willow Point Park
  88. Play ultimate Frisbee
  89. Get over your fears and try skydiving
  90. Visit the Artisan Bakery and try handmade breads and pastries
  91. Sip locally made ciders and ales
  92. Learn Horseback riding at Stehekin Outfitters
  93. Go to the arcade at Slidewaters or Company Creek Pizza
  94. Have a water gun fight
  95. Hold someone’s hands as you jump into the water together
  96. Tell ghost stories around the fire pit
  97. Take a limousine out for a night of dancing and drinking
  98. Beat someone at cornhole
  99. Walk on the wooden bridges at Riverwalk Park
  100. Find all four lakes at Four Lakes Winery


3) Drive through the back roads, playing music with the windows down

16) Try a wine slushy

22) Go geocaching

50) Rent a boat and travel up the lake

74) Have a family board game night

100) Find all four lakes at Four Lakes Winery