Dinner with a View

by | May 30, 2018 | Food, Things to Do, Travel

The last thing anybody wants to do while on vacation is cook over a hot stove or hand wash dishes. Even if you’re planning on grilling up some delicious food, chances are you’re still going to be spending some time at a restaurant or two. Luckily, the valley is filled to the brim with incredible cuisine with outdoor seating so you can enjoy the fresh valley air.

In May, BBQ in the Vineyard opens for the summer season. It is attached to the Lake Chelan Winery. This is the type of location that is perfect for families of any size. Kids can run around the yard playing while waiting for food to arrive. Adults can sip wine and listen to music. During the weekends, they offer free vineyard tours and lessons. After eating, enjoy a walk through their massive gift shop.

If you really want a dinner with a view, you must go out to Tsillan Cellars & Sorrentos before heading home. From the road, the restaurant almost appears to be a castle. Image eating fine Italian food with a view of the lake spread out before you. Behind you is a koi pond with a small waterfall and bridge. The entire scene is something out a movie.

A new place called CaterMe Chelan just opened across the street from Mountain View Lodge last month. So far, every review has been raving about the food. They’ve been particularly popular for their breakfast and mimosas menu. I have a sweet tooth, so I caved when I saw their house made caramel roll. It was the kind of sinful decadence that has your eyes closing as you take the first bite. Maybe soon I’ll get back to CaterMe to try some actual healthy food.

Travelling isn’t about staying inside all day. It is important to get out and enjoy the sunshine – but it’s so much more fun to do so with a glass of wine or cheese plate. If you need more suggestions, send me an email! I’d love to hear about what you want to do in the Lake Chelan Valley.