Go Glamping! 

If the idea of sleeping under the stars…
…has always appealed to you; or maybe you’ve always been eco-friendly or you love outdoor cooking… but you hate the thought of putting up the tent in the dark, sleeping on the hard ground, “washing” in the river; or you’ve done your share and you’re ready for a little extra padding and hot water…
Then GLAMPING – glamorous camping – may be just the ticket for you!
Think of a hot tub under the stars, in the rain, or even in the snow. Think of the smell of outdoor, grilled dinner (meat or veggie, of course!). Think of sitting around the campfire playing silly games, sipping wine, or listening to your honey strum a guitar. Think of a day in the lake, off-road exploring, biking, hiking, geocaching and the beauty all that brings with it. Think of volleyball, badminton or a lounge around the pool surrounded by the idyllic peace and scenery of the Cascade Mountains on one side and desert on the other. Mmmmmm.
Now – Throw in just a touch of luxury in all the right places!
Think of having your “outdoor dinner” catered. Think of taking a short stroll to a quaint wine tasting room. Think of having your paddle boards, bikes or mopeds delivered. Think of clean, impeccable surroundings. Think of taking a hot shower and jumping into a soft bed at the end of the day. Ahhhhhhh.

Look no further! You've just found your "outdoor experience" without the "rough!"


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